Cypress, Blue

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Callitris intratropica, plantation grown without chemicals, distilled from wood and bark, Australia.
• Pain relief from insect stings
• Wound healing, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory
• Grounding, calming, reassuring


Product Information

Totally different from the “needle oil” that is the more familiar Cypress Needle, this Australian Blue Cypress oil is a wood oil, with the depth and resonance of most woods.

This is an interesting oil. Distilled from the bark and wood of Callitris intratropica, plantation grown (and hence a renewable resource) in northern Australia. (Yes, many sources say it is distilled from needles, or from heartwood, but when the distiller says bark and wood, I believe him.) The trees are grown completely without chemicals and meet the criteria for organic status however the producer has not applied for it at this time.

Mark Webb, in Bush Sense, describes the aroma as “rich, resinous, woody, smoky, honey-like, and grounding.” Although some sources compare the aroma to Sandalwood, Vetiver, or Guiacwood, we find it much more balsamic and less sweet. It is said to be an amazing fixative for blends and perfumes.

Blue Cypress is the only “blue” oil distilled from a wood. All others come from blossoms. Blue Cypress’s color comes from the content of guaiazulene in the bark (oil distilled from heartwood only is clear, not blue). In addition to the guaiazulene (like all azulenes, a powerful anti-inflammatory) Blue Cypress is composed mostly of sesquiterpenoids. It is said to be extremely useful in wound healing, and as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Emotionally it is said to be extremely grounding, calming, and reassuring.

It is often recommended for immediate pain relief from bee or wasp or other insect stings. Christi has used it to banish wasps who used to nest near her door.

WARNING: Possible reproductive toxicity, avoid during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

GC/MS Analysis:
Batch No. AU-48478
Batch No. AU-58577
Batch No. AU-58636
Batch No.AU-58792 2 ml only.
Batch No. AU-58965
All larger sizes.

BLENDS WELL WITH: most Citrus Oils, most florals.

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    Eva R. (verified owner)

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    Lovely creamy feel and blue color so refreshing. The aroma is relaxing.

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