August 2017: Nature’s Gift Supports ABC Adopt-an-Herb Program through Helichrysum Adoption. Click here to read.

February 2013: Marge was interviewed by The Indie Business Network. The topic: Online Marketing And Customer Service Success Tips. Click here to read.

October 2009: Marge was interviewed by The Indie Beauty Network. Last interview was in May, 2006 when Indie Beauty was “The Handmade Beauty Connection.” Interesting to compare the two. Click here to read. (scroll to read)

July 2009: The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy reviewed my book. Click here to read.

May 2009: Marge was interviewed by WE Magazine “The Magazine for Women on the Move” as a part of their Small Business Week coverage. Click here to read.

Autumn 2008: Another book review, in the Massage Therapy Journal. Click here to read.

July 2008: A month or more ago we mentioned a TV interview to one of our clients at Harris Methodist Ft Worth Hospital. The TV interview was very brief, but the full interview is posted online at It’s a great article, quoting Jane Buckle herself, as well as several of the other nurses in the Clinical Aromatherapy program at Harris Methodist. We really appreciate Susan mentioning our site as a source for essential oils. It’s a great article—especially useful if you are trying to convince friends and loved ones that the oils we love are not just “smoke and mirrors.”

Spring 2008: Book review in the Journal of the Northeast Herbal Association. Click here to read.

December 2007: Interview and quotes in Taste for Life magazine in an article on holistic beauty. Click here for summary.

Sept/Oct 2007: Excerpt from The Essential Herbal Magazine about hydrosols for skin care. Click here for the excerpt.

May 2007: Product review in the Massage Therapy Journal. Click here to read.

April 2007: Interview in Glee magazine. Click here to read interview.

August 2006: Second article inFirst for Women magazine regarding our Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil. Click here to read.

May 2006: Interview in The Handmade Beauty Connection. Click here to read.

Oct 2005: Article in First for Women magazine recommending our Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil as a remedy for thinning hair.

Jan 2005: Interview in The Essential Herbal magazine. Click here to read the article. Or read about and subscribe to the magazine here.

June 2003: Press release announcing that we had been chosen as suppliers for Jane Buckle’s “Clinical Aromatherapy for Healthcare Professionals” course.

Oct. 2002: Nashville Tennessean article: “Many Nature’s Gift Customers Find Shop’s Oils Essential Indeed.” > Click here to read.

March 2002: Interview in Aromatic Sage Magazine.

2002: Article in Woman’s Health Letter: Hidden Health Remedies that Really Work. Article about treating hair loss.

April 2001: HBN Members In The News: Aromatherapy Consultant Speaks at Soap and Toiletries Gathering. Read text here.