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Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit with Pure Essential Oils
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Catnip Hydrosol

Catnip Hydrosol

  Lavender Avice Hill

Lavender Avice Hill


Was $20.00, Now $18.00

August Means “Back to School”

So we asked our Moms what would be the best back to school aromatic aids for little ones, and for the older students, perhaps off to college for the first time.

Save 10% on retail sizes of: KleenHandz, NoNitz (for unwanted scalp “hitchhikers”), Aloe Vera Gel, and Neroli Hydrosol (still the best solution for butterflies in the tummy.) Trauma Oil for the inevitable bumps and bruises on the playground. Michelle says, “I think our Relax blend helps when the kids get home from school, and Sleep Ease (or Happy Dreams) is a must at night.”

For your older ones, going away to school, a diffuser? (the AromaStone is the least intrusive.) A Blue Tansy inhaler for new or different seasonal allergens. “Focus” for studying. One of our anti-anxiety blends for homesickness (my favorite is Reunité.) FluFoil later on, for winter. Perhaps Moon Days for your daughter? Fresh Aire to keep dorm room and laundry fresh and lift spirits at the same time? Also see the list for the young’uns. We never outgrow the need for KleenHandz!

All products listed above are at 10% discount this month.

Beat the Heat

Nothing cools like mint, so save 10 percent on retail sizes (15 mls) of our Organic Hungarian or our USA produced Peppermint, our brand new Australian Spearmint, Bergamot Mint (not one bit minty!) and, coolest of all, our Corn Mint from Nepal. And ALOE for a cooling carrier... (We are now offering our food grade Aloe Vera Gel in a 16 ounce bulk refill for your convenience.)

New and Back in Stock Products:

New from Australia: Lavender Hydrosol and Lavender Essential Oil “Avice Hill” both from our artisan distiller friend, Chris Burder. His hydrosols and oils must be sniffed to be believed! Also a lovely Australian Spearmint.

Back in stock from South Africa, more of our gentle Eucalyptus Smithii. And from Germany, more Rhatnay Root CO2.

Back in Stock Carrier oils... Sesame Oil, Virgin Organic and Squalane, derived from Olive Oil, and our aromatic, gardenia infused Monoi de Tahiti.

Back in Stock CO2 extracts, Juniper CO2 and German Chamomile Select CO2. Love the aroma!

Other hydrosols, new and/or back in stock, all organically produced in the US: Basil, Holy (Tulsi) Hydrosol, Catnip (new to us!) and Monarda (herbalists call it Bee Balm.)

As I type this, our new shipments of Neroli and Rose Hydrosol, both from Morocco, are both “on the truck for delivery” So surely by the time we edit them, I’ll have them ready to make available for you. Surely! (They were out for delivery on Wednesday, now, Wednesday evening, they are “Scheduled for delivery tomorrow.”)

Sharing Forward: Charity of the Quarter

moms midwives logo

Please continue to give to support the important work being done by Midwives on Missions of Service. Trish Ross and Christi McManus and their team are preparing for another trip Sierra Leone as I type. Because our offer to match your donations for the Nepal disaster relief was so successful, rather than giving a set percentage of our sales, we are going to base our support for MOMS on YOUR support for them. That’s right. We will match every donation you make via our shopping cart.


Hint of the Day

All Pine oil can irritate the skin, so use it only in a diffuser to help clear colds, coughs, and other respiratory bugs—but it should be avoided by people with allergies.

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