Hints and Tips for Emotional Well-Being


I wrote to Gabriel Mojay, and asked him for suggestions for blends people could use to deal with the emotional aftermath of that awful Tuesday. He graciously responded with several suggested blends, and permission to quote them to you:

1. Grief that is coupled with emotional shock and stunned disbelief:
True Lavender (5)
Jasmine (3)
Spikenard (2)
2. Grief in which an unbearable feeling of loss, overwhelming sadness, and constant tears are most pronounced:
Rose (4)
Sandalwood (4)
Neroli (2)
3. Grief that results in a sense of being numbed and withdrawn:
Frankincense (5)
Cypress (3)
Clary Sage (2)
4. Grief that provokes a terrible feeling of anger and revenge:
Roman Chamomile (3)
Rose (2)
Bergamot (5) (or Bergamot FCF, if the blend is to be applied to the skin and exposed to the sun)
5. Grief that involves feelings of anxiety, dread and helplessness (for spiritual courage):
Thyme Linalol (3)
Lavender (3)
Spikenard (2)
Angelica Root (2) (or Cedarwood, if the blend is to be applied to the skin and exposed to the sun)
6. Grief that partly expresses itself as a need to nurture others, but in so doing, forgetting one’s own needs:
Sweet Orange (4)
Marjoram (3)
Frankincense (3)

Gabriel, as most of you know by now, is the author of my favorite aromatherapy book, “ Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit.” (September, 2001)

Mental Focus Blend

Just in time for final exams, my friend Harriet writes:

FYI I’ve found that a blend of Lemon Rind and Black Spruce, in the diffuser, is the perfect oil for increasing focus and mental ability…in addition for wonderfully cutting the cigarette smoke out of the air.

PMS Perfumery

Margie Curtiss recently wrote:

I accidentally stumbled on something that smells absolutely wonderful and is emotionally healing at the same time!
My 13 year old daughter can be quite grumpy around her monthly cycle. When I received my latest order I was looking to make up a blend to help her…well, I found it! It may not have been the best cramp formula, but her emotions have calmed considerably with the use of this blend. Marissa has never been this pleasant in the mornings. I am in awe, truly!

  • 5 drops Clary Sage
  • 2 drops Jasmine Sambac
  • 4 drops Geranium
  • 8 drops Lavender
  • 2 drops Fennel
  • 3 drops Vanilla Bourbon
  • 2 drops Violet Leaf
  • 6 drops Ylangylang

Blended in 15ml of fractionated coconut oil.
I rubbed it on her abdomen and chest. This is a beautiful scented blend, I am rubbing it on myself and can’t stop smelling my arms! It seems to hold together for several hours too, so it works as a perfume. You simply must try this! (May 2005)

School Day Jitters

Some of you may remember two years ago, when Debbie G’s daughter started kindergarden. Alexandria is prone to nervous tummy aches, and every morning was a struggle to get her out of the car and into class. The solution then was our Neroli Hydrosol. Debbie called it “magical butterfly spray” and would spritz Alex’s tummy…and shoo away the butterflys in her tummy. [Neroli is the aromatherapy specific for anxiety, and the hydrosols are gentle enough for the youngest child.] Two years later, comes the first day of second grade, and once again, Alexandra was in tears in the car. Debbie pulled out the “magical butterfly spray” and Alexandria went cheerfully off to her first day of second grade. (September 2004)

Neroli Hydrosol

Classroom Calming

Claire Curry, of Slidell, Louisiana writes:

Also, on a much more positive note… wanted to let you know how the Reunité Blend is working for me. I wear it daily as a special ed teacher. My classroom population is moderate autistic. I have found that the student’s respond greatly to the calming influence of the scent… it has been a very good year! I have used the Chamomile Hydrosol as a refreshing “treat” when we come inside from recess also… it has proven to be a very nice addition to the school day. (January 2002)

Reunité Blend
Chamomile Hydrosol

Stress Relief

Pam Ritzau writes (about our Cape Chamomile Essential Oil):

I think it is a wonderful oil for modern life and nerves… for those times when you wake up at 4 a.m. thinking of all the things you need to do, or that you wish were different in life etcetera. I use just a few drops as an anointing, particularly third eye, thyroid, back of neck (back of third eye?) heart and inhalation, and it almost instantly calms and puts things back in perspective. My very gifted cranial sacral therapist says a couple of inhalations and a few drops on forehead and heart saves her about 30 minutes of work with a client, allowing her to get past tension almost immediately and begin deeper work. Send me 15 ml as soon as you can, please. If I could only have one oil in this hurly burly world of cell phones, faxes, demands for immediate performance, and modern civilization in general, this would be my choice. Thank you. Pam

Pam’s description is why we imported it. Click here to try:  Cape Chamomile Essential Oil.