Welcome to our new shop!

It’s been a long couple of years organizing and creating a new website to bring a more convenient shopping experience to our growing hive of mobile shoppers. After some growing pains and breaking chains , we flipped the switch on March 3rd. Many of you have had a pleasant visit, some have shown up a little lost, and there are still those of you who have no idea what on earth we’re referring to. Our journey is leading us toward our destination on a fairly bumpy road. We appreciate all of you for being patient with us, and above all, continuing to grow with us. Through all of the physical changes in our appearance, we assure you we are 100% the same on the inside… same excellent quality of essential oils, same outstanding customer service, and same amazing owner. Trust us. Marge isn’t going anywhere! (We won’t let her.) So… with that being said…Please pop in for a visit at the same address. We apologize that it’s not perfection… yet. Keep in mind that like all of us, our new website is a work in progress. We are working hard to bring what we love to those who love it too.

Here’s the bad news… For security reasons (and frankly outdated technology), We COULD NOT transfer existing account information from the old site to our new site. We apologize for the inconvenience. You will need to create a new account. If you need access to your order history, please email sold@naturesgift.com to request it.

In the case that you are having problems accessing or creating an account, please send a message to customer assistance with the top line “LOGIN PROBLEMS“. and we will do our best to assist you.

or send an email to sold@naturesgift.com (subject line “LOGIN PROBLEMS”)

Thank you for your patience during this time of transition. We are really looking forward to growing with you. Enjoy! -NG