We keep a close eye on inventory stock, but in some unusual cases we may not have the quantity of the oil that you order. In that situation, we will offer you the next largest size available. If there is an oil we normally offer but don’t have it listed on the website, most likely we don’t have the quantity to offer it in bulk sizes. However, we may be able to special order some for you. Email us with any questions.

Shipping estimated/calculated by the shopping cart will not be accurate for bulk orders. On bulk orders, we normally estimate between two and five dollars more than the shipping value the cart will show. This covers both additional value per ounce and the cost of either insurance or self-insurance. On very large orders we reserve the right to go back and re-bill excess shipping costs. We ship via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx.

These bulk sizes are heavily discounted. Because of this, no other discounts may apply. (this includes no free shipping on wholesale orders)

We can not accept returns on bulk oils. Please be very sure you are ordering the correct item. To request samples, please visit our essential oil samples page. By purchasing a bulk oil from this website, you are agreeing that no return for credit is possible since all bulk purchases are custom-poured for the specific order.

For safer shipping, we have gradually transitioned to aluminum bottles for all of our bulk essential oils. We have been using aluminum canisters for the 16 and 32 ounce sizes for some time, and the four ounce bottles have arrived. As we deplete our stock of amber glass 8 ounce bottles they will be replaced with aluminum. The aluminum canisters can be difficult to open; we’ve received some feedback from clients who have been stymied by them. They are truly the only SAFE way to ship bulk essential oils and are the industry standard. We’ve written a blog article with pictures and descriptions on how best to open and work with them.

Please note: although we are looking into it as a future project, at this time Nature’s Gift is not certified as a USDA-certified organic reseller. When we resell an oil, it loses its organic status because we lack the official certification. If you need organic certification for products you are producing, then we are not the supplier for you. When we say that a product is organic, it was produced by organic methods by a certified organic producer, and it remains certified until we open the canister it was shipped in. At that point, the organic certification is lost.

Don’t forget an Oxygen Barrier to preserve your oils!