Oxygen Barrier


For bulk purchases. To protect your precious oils from oxidation.

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Product Information

You’ve heard us talk about protecting our essential oils by storing them under a nitrogen blanket, to prevent oxidation.

Our supplier has produced a line especially for us…the Nature’s Gift Oxygen Barrier…a safe, inert blend of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and argon, to pouf on top of half empty bottles of essential oils to protect them from the oxygen in the air.

These are the bottles that stand on every desk in our pouring room to preserve and protect our inventory.

One can is good for up to 600 uses.

As pictured, we use them on bulk bottles. Please be aware that if you spray the inert gas on top of a FULL bottle, or a small (15 ml, for example) bottle the pressure of the gas might well cause a backsplash, wasting and/or spilling your precious oils. I’ve seen the suggestion that, if you want to preserve a nearly full or very small bottle, remove the “straw” and pouf the blend of gases from the bottle top.



6 oz


2.5 × 2.5 × 9 in


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