Agarwood (Oud, Aloewood), 10% Dilution


Aquilaria crassna, hydro-distilled from the wood of naturally farmed trees in northern Thailand, 10% dilution in organic Jojoba oil.
• Earth/Woody
• Rare, Exotic
• Tenacious
• Aphrodisiac


Product Information

In 2002 we brought in a tiny amount of this rarity. At the time, I wrote: “Deep, woody, earthy, stable and strong…if rocks had roots they would smell like this distillation of agarwood. Amazingly tenacious. Aphrodisiac, unforgettable. The aroma speaks to your spirit for hours. A smidgeon on a scent strip lingers for hours, and reverberates inside our spirit. VERY limited supply. I can’t BELIEVE I found this rarity!”

Of this new specimen Christi wrote, “Finally, an Agarwood (Oud) oil that will put a smile on your face and tickle your fancy! First impression of our new Thai Agarwood, it makes my nose happy! From the tropical Agar tree, a gift from the Eastern Hemisphere, much sought after in oil or resin form. Marge finds it animalic, which is an attribute often associated with Agarwood. Multi-layered and slightly musky with an unexpected sweetness to its depth, the aroma is stunning, and must be experienced. Agarwood is a base note in perfumery, normally evoking a ‘thump’ in the stomach, for its earthiness. Our Thai specimen is not quite as earthy as one might expect, but personally, I prefer the musty, sweet, woodsiness of this new batch. The oil is thick and resinous, dark orange in color. Many high end perfumes contain Agarwood (Oud). Sometimes it is referred to as ‘Aloeswood’

SAFETY: No known contraindications or warnings, however it may act as a sedative.

Available pure and undiluted or in this 10% dilution in organic Jojoba.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. TH-58560
Batch No. TH-58677







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