Hello June, how did you get here so fast?

June sales

Save 10% on retail sizes of all of our favorite wood oils, Australian BuddhaWood CO2, Atlas Cedarwood, Himalayan Cedarwood, Guaiacwood, from Paraguay, Chinese Ho Wood (even our Private Reserve Alligator Juniper!) and all our Sandalwood oils.

Also, for summer fun, outdoor specials: all forms of SkeeterBeater, Sunburn Soother, Trauma Oil, for the inevitable bumps and bruises, MuscleEase for over stressed muscles, After the Bite (because you forgot the SkeeterBeater), and even our already discounted Vacation Saver Kit.

New and not to be missed

The long awaited Third Edition, Volume One of Salvatore Battaglia’s Complete Guide To Aromatherapy.

Does this replace the Second Edition ? No, It does not cover the full scope of the Second Edition. What is DOES cover is an overview “Foundation” of how aromatherapy is practiced, both historically, and at the present time, and the largest, most complete Materia Medica of any book in my collection I announced its arrival on Facebook and one quarter of our initial shipment sold in 24 hours. We will be ordering more, but order quickly to avoid a wait.

New and long awaited back in stock products

We have never had such a long list of new products. Enjoy!

Amazing new oils imported from an artisan distiller in Italy. So many of you say you want the very best, artisan distilled, ethically harvested or organic. We have put our money where your mouth is with this beautiful collection of new oils. See our Italian Helichrysum (soulstirring), also available in a 10% dilution in organic Jojoba, a beautiful Italian Lavandin, Sicilian Oregano vulgare, an amazing light translucent blue and sweetly scented Yarrow, a true rarity, Cypress FRUIT oil, (sometimes called Templin), Totally new to us Dwarf Pine (Mugo Pine), and longlasting Norway Spruce. All of these beauties belong in our Special Reserve collection, but so far we have only added the amazing Yarrow. Just enter “Italian collection” in our search box to bring up the whole collection. Please note, some of these are only available in very small amounts, some we can make available in bulk sizes. Let us know if larger sizes would meet your needs.

Two new to us Patchouli oils that Christi said I had to buy. Cindi, the book keeper said “why?” and Christi said “they are beautiful!” so of course we had to add both these beauties.

Patchouli Dark, from Sumatra, amber in color, deep and dark in aroma, and Patchouli Organic, from Indonesia, the first Patchouli we have loved that came with Organic Certification. (As always, we are not certified resellers. If you need an unbroken chain of Organic certification we can not be your supplier. That’s the way the certification process works. But the oil was USDA certified organic when we unpacked it, and we certainly have done nothing to alter it.)

A versatile new Carrier oil.. Robert Tisserand says it’s his favorite. See why.

Back in stock after being gone for five years: Organic Balsam Poplar from Canada. We also restocked our traditional deep cobalt Canadian Yarrow oil.

Back in stock, more of our beautiful Myrrh from Somalia. and, from my French mentor, more Mastic oil (Pistacia lentiscus)…lovely gentle astringent. (We refilled some of his other oils, but they were not yet out of stock.)

New Hydrosols, all organic from France: Linden, Cypress, Sage, and St. Johns Wort. Back in stock Hydrosols: Organically produced Carrot Seed and White Sage.

Back in stock floral waxes!

REFORMULATED: Fresh Aire synergy and Reunité We sold off the old, and reformulated the new. It took a lot of tweaking and a lot of testing. We are delighted to make them available to you.

News on the Fragonia™ front…John expects a harvest at the end of this year. Because we have been so frugal with our supply we are now able to offer this rare and precious oil in small bulk sizes. Thank you for being so cautious with your use of it.

Blog Update

Facebook Snippets

We announced our participation in the June AromaBox from AromaGirls, LLC. (And we recommended this curated collection very highly.)

We shared a link from The Tisserand Institute giving a simple explanation of how CO2 extracts are produced.

A blog article about our Rhododendron Oil from Nepal, by the NY Institute of Aromatic Studies.

Lots of announcements of new products. Photos and product descriptions get announced on our Facebook page as we explore them. Following us on Facebook gives you first shot at new goodies.

A cross post from a Quora question I answered: What essential oils are good for anxiety ?

And lots of chatter about the new Battaglia book. The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, Third Edition, Volume one.

Our Clients Say

Sandy Barrett writes about our SoftHands Liquid Soap:

“Good Morning, Everyone! I know I’m not around much anymore, but had to share my new discovery. Early on in this journey, a good friend here made soap, and I started off buying hers. She then coaxed me until I was making my own. Then the grandkids started coming, and as the saying goes, “ain’t nobody got time for that!!”
Long story short, it’s been a rough winter on my hands, w/copious amts of hand washing and sanitizing. No amt of moisturizer was helping them recover from that assault.
A few days ago I was looking through NG’s site and noticed Softhands Liquid Soap and ordered a 16 oz bottle. It’s going to take awhile before these hands no longer look like old fishwives’ hands, but I had to share the instant relief from achey, dry, cracked skin. It feels wonderful!
My sense of smell is not quite up to snuff, as I recover from a MILD case of pneumonia. Normally I am not fond of the lingering odor of Castille soap, so was pleased to see it wasn’t an ingredient. My nose doesn’t register ANY odor from this, and Marge provides directions on adding your own favorite scent to it. So that’s my tip, if you’re like me and haven’t time to make your own, give NG’s liquid soap a try! Have a Wonderful Day!”

Steve Huanq wrote about Neroli and Petitgrain, “Thanks for always being a great source of quality oils. I am looking forwards to trying the Bitter Orange oil! Your Petitgrain is also wonderful for background work diffusing when I don’t want to dip into the Neroli ;). I save a few drops of ‘liquid gold’ because Neroli literally shimmers in the air to me and can turn around any dark mood.” I love this. Neroli is truly such a unisex floral.

Sheryl Karas, of MamaLoveOrganics wrote of our German Angelica Root, “You were right, Marge. This Angelica is awesome! Perfect for what I use it for and quite similar to one I used a long time ago. I know it IS expensive but I only use a drop or two at a time in my products. I JUST redid the math for my formulas and I had just barely enough leeway in the pricing to make it okay because I got a cheaper price on my bottles recently. So it’s okay, and it’s worth it! I use Angelica in my two MOST popular flower essence aromatherapy formulas: ‘Support for Troubled Times’ and ‘Releasing Worry and Fear’“. See her creations on her Mama Love Organics shop on Etsy is probably best: www.etsy.com/shop/mamaloveorganics

Joann from New Jersey wrote, “Also, want to tell you I found a new use for That’s Better when I recently had a sore throat. Applied some to the outside of my throat bye, bye sore throat. Blessings to all. Joan ”

I love the recommendations for new uses of our products! Thank you all for sharing.

Blends For Him: (from a 10 year old newsletter)

Years ago there was a woman named Cat on some of the soap and/or toiletries lists. I’ve not seen smiling typeface around in a long long time. Back around the turn of this century I snagged some of her formulas… If I had her email address I’d ask for permission to share them…since I don’t…I’ll apologize later!

Please remember… all of these will need diluting before using on the skin!

Vanilla Sandalwood
3 parts vanilla absolute
2 parts sandalwood e.o.
1 part patchouli e.o.
(if desired, add a touch of jamine or rose abs.)

Bay Rum
5 parts West Indies Bay (pimenta racemosa) e.o.
1 part orange e.o.
1 part clove or allspice e.o.

Dark Moon
2 parts myrrh e.o.
1 part sandalwood e.o.
1/2 part patchouli e.o.
touch jasmine abs.

4 drops West Indies Bay
2 drops Orange Oil
1 drop Dark Patchouli.

Forest Blend
3 parts fir needle e.o.
2 parts cedarwood e.o.
1 part juniper berry
1/2 part cypress e.o.
1/2 part patchouli e.o.

“Aromatic (or not) quotes of the month”

I’m thinking of one dear friend who will be reading this, who lost someone dear not long ago. I know she misses him a lot. And remembered a quote that helped me during a time of loss… Carly Simon:

“Life is eternal
and Love is immortal
and Death is only a horizon
and a Horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.”

In honor of our Patchouli and Sandalwood… the Eastern oils…

“A puff of wind, a puff faint and tepid and laden with strange odours of blossoms, of aromatic wood, comes out of the still night. The first sigh of the East on my face. That I can never forget. It was impalpable and enslaving, like a charm, like a whispered promise of mysterious delight…. The mysterious East faced me, perfumed like a flower, silent like death, dark like a grave.”

Joseph Conrad

And a third quote… one that is the “quote of the month” on a calender we were given… that seems to fit who and where we are today:

“Dedication: It is the effort of many that creates the ripples that can move mountains.” I wish I could send you the picture that accompanies this quote…a deep forest ravine, with a plunging waterfall. Ultimate serenity.

We all wish you a serene June!

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