Linden Hydrosol


Tilia Vulgaris organically produced in France, distilled from leaves


Product Information

This hydrosol does not have the sweet floral aroma of our CO2 extracted Linden Blossom, but rather sweetly, softly green, with a hint of a floral note. I think of walking into an overgrown garden, with shrubs, and vines, and a few blossoms.

It is in its emotional uses that Linden Hydrosol shines.

Jeanne Rose says that Linden Hydrosol is euphoric, calming, relaxing, and that it can ease anxiety and depression. It is also very gentle and safe even for babies. But my French mentor cautions that, just as with Lavender essential oil, overuse might prove stimulating rather than relaxing.

For skincare, my French mentor says that it is a tonic for all skin types, but especially recommended as treatment for eczema, psoriasis, and any sort of irritated skin. One of the gentlest hydrosols and especially recommended for use with children. Linden hydrosol is a gentle anti-inflammatory that will help sooth reddened or itching skin.

Shirley Price recommends the use of this Linden Hydrosol when fresh leaves or blossoms are not available for a tea, much more effective and more flavorful than the dried Linden tea available year round. (This is my experience. We do not have access to fresh linden, and the dried tea was a disappointment.)

Jeanne Rose and Suzanne Catty both recommend Linden Hydrosol, both as a spray and taken internally, to help with the pain and inflammation of Shingles. I don’t know whether it has strongly relaxing effects or if there is an anti-viral or anti-inflammatory effect that is not noted elsewhere. I hope you all know first choice for Shingles is the time tested blend of Ravintsara in Calophyllum inophyllum (Tamanu) but this could be added to the treatment. Perhaps spritz the rash prior to applying the Ravintsara blend, although my instinct would be to drink the Linden hydrosol in a cup of warm or cold water.

Relaxing Linden Hydrosol is also reported to ease headaches and migraines, especially those triggered by stress. I would want to use this internally for migraine relief or a cold compress moistened with the hydrosol might help. Our friend Gillean Dean raves about Linden for her migraines, especially at night. Gilean writes, “ My input is to have both the CO2 and hydrosol to spray on your face and neck. A little of the oil on my wrists to smell as needed. They are wonderful for nighttime headaches. An amazing little flower!

A wonderful cooling and soothing linen spray when sleep eludes you that is both safe and effective for adults and children of all ages.







1 oz sample, 1 oz, 4 oz, 16 oz bulk


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