Sage Hydrosol


Salvia officinalis Organically produced, France


Product Information

WARNING: Avoid use in first trimester pregnancy and with hypertension. This hydrosol WILL raise blood pressure! (Per Suzanne Catty, other authorities state that there is no reference for this. I would proceed with caution in cases of HBP.)

Sage is one of the ‘big guns’ in herbalism, and this delightful hydrosol carries many of the same effects.

Suzanne Catty says that Sage Hydrosol is an extraordinary circulatory stimulant, both topically and when used internally.

She writes that it is a stimulant, useful to restore energy and vitality, and in cases of Chronic Fatigue System. Definitely not a hydrosol to use as part of your bedtime routine.

Sage is reputed to be a hormone balancer, helping regulate the menstrual cycle, and easing symptoms of menopause. Sage hydrolate is also recommended as a lymphatic stimulant. Perhaps a compress on swollen lymph nodes. I’m wondering if it might be effective in cases of lymphedema.

Among it’s other effects (on both the hormonal system and the parasympathetic nervous system) Catty says that Sage Hydrosol can help quell excessive perspiration from both under arms and feet. Our French mentor recommends blending Sage Hydrosol and Witch Hazel for a natural deodorant.

Catty recommends Sage Hydrosol, possibly blended with Helichrysum, as a mouthwash, to reduce gum inflammation or for a toothache.

I have never read this recommendation elsewhere, but I am thinking that since Sage Tea is often recommended to help treat a sore throat, perhaps gargling with the Sage Hydrosol might also be effective. (Or if contemplating gargling with salt water, use Sage Hydrosol for all or part of the water.)

Skincare: Sage hydrosol is quite astringent, and would make a wonderful toner for oily skin, or treatment for a very oily scalp.

I had not planned on ordering this new (to us) hydrosol but after researching it, it has my name on it. Low blood pressure? (scarily so!) Poor circulation? (icy hands and feet.) Chronic Fatique Syndrome? (Diagnosed decades ago.) This hydrosols myriad of uses has my name all over it. As soon as it arrived I poured a splash in my water bottle. Taste? it smells like fresh leaves from the Sage I grew last summer. Tastes like it smells, with a bit of a soapy aftertaste. Refreshing. Note, I’m writing this late in the afternoon, an energy recharge is a good thing.)

For much more information on this and other hydrosols, I urge you to buy Suzanne Catty’s Hydrosols the Next Aromatherapy.







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