Sage, White, Hydrosol


Salvia apiana, organically grown and distilled, USA.


Product Information

This is the sacred white sage that has been used for millennium by Native Americans for ritual, smudging, and healing. Those sensitive to the energetics of the oils and hydrosols will be amazed by this White Sage water… and find a hundred uses for it. We already are using it to clear crystals. Some of us use it instead of smudging when in a place that burning sage is not advisable. (Setting off the smoke alarm in a hotel room is not the way to endear yourself to the staff.)

Suzanne Catty recommends Sage Hydrosol as a hormone balancer, useful for PMS and menopausal symptoms.

I have seen Sage Hydrosol recommended for treating oily skin and acne. Its antiseptic properties would help with eczema and other skin conditions as well.

WARNING: Jeanne Rose says that the hydrosol of Salvia officianalis must be avoided whenever there is high blood pressure, that its use, in any dilution, will raise blood pressure. Because of its high thujone content, both White Sage and true Sage hydrosols should be avoided with high blood pressure, during pregnancy, and with babies.







1 oz sample, 1 oz, 4 oz, 16 oz bulk


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