Rhatany Root CO2 Extracted TOTAL


Krameria Lappacea, Peruvian dried roots, CO2 extracted in Germany.

– Anti-microbial, powerfully astringent

– Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant

– Useful in combating radiation damage to the skin

– Recommended for skin and sunscreen products

– Recommended for oral care


Product Information

A rare and unusual extract from a root found in Peru.

Rhatany root extract contains all the oil soluble components of the dried botanical, stablized in 40% Olive oil. It consists of rare Rhatany lignans, neolignans and norneolignans. These plant components are known to be anti-microbial, powerfully astringent, and anti-inflammatory. Also shown to be anti-oxidative.

The producer shows research showing its usefulness in combating radiation damage to the skin, and counteracting UV-A damage. It is recommended for use in personal care and sunscreen products, both for its sun-protective effects and as an anti-aging ingredient. Basically, it is believed to help the skin repair itself.

In addition to skincare uses, my mentor Madeleine Kerkhof recommends Rhatany Root for both oral care and wound care. Its astringency will help control bleeding, while its antiinflammatory and anti-bacterial effects will make it a valued addition to any oral care blend. She recommends it as an ingredient in food grade aloe gel based blends for mouth sores, after oral surgery, etc.

Aromatically, Christi describes it thus, “It is wonderful. I love it. Very earthy, like grass and fresh earth being dug up but no manure! It is a brownish orange, very thick. It is a very masculine scent.”

The manufacturer recommends using this potent extract at perhaps one half of one percent dilution (1/2 of 1%). Madeleine uses it at up to 1% in oral care blends where bleeding is present.

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