Kalahari Melon Seed Oil


Citullus lanatus, wild harvested and fair trade produced in Namibia.


Product Information

This vivid golden oil is traditionally used in moisturizers that also offer some sun protection and to promote hair growth. I fell in love with its rapid absorbency…almost instant. In a Tennessee summer I need LIGHT moisturizers, not anything that feels heavy or greasy.

The melons are sustainably harvested, since lives depend on the fruit for food, as well as for the bountiful oil. (I am told that a person can live in the desert for up to six weeks with nothing but the Kalahari melons to sustain him!) The oil is cold pressed and filtered by a woman’s cooperative.

Kalahari Melon Seed Oil is comparable to Evening Primrose Oil in its omega-6 fatty acid composition, thus making it a strong moisturizer with restructuring properties. The oil is also high in sterols thus helps maintain the skin’s barrier function. Compared to Evening Primrose, the Melon Seed Oil has a far longer shelf life. It is high in γ-tocopherols and very resistant to oxidation. No need to keep this refrigerated, you should easily have at least a three or four year shelf life at cool room temperature.

I have found a new use for the sample I brought home…it has become my new cuticle oil. When the phone rings and I have to stop typing, I put a drop on the base of my fingernails and rub it in. After only two or three days I can see a difference. I am tempted to package some of it in nail polish bottles! Please don’t try to use it for a massage oil…it simply won’t work. There is no “slip”…but it should be wonderful as a base for a topical pain-relieving blend, since it absorbs so quickly.







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