Juniper Berry CO2


Juniperus communis, organically produced, CO2 Select extracted from Juniper Berries in Germany. (Berries grown in Bosnia and Herzegovinia)

– Energetically uplifting and grounding

– Traditional use to cleanse and repel negative energy

– Anti-microbial

– Balances oily skin and hair


Product Information

Softer and aromatically rounder this CO2 select is a wonderful alternative to the traditional Distilled Juniper Berry Oil.

It is in the energetic effects of Juniper Berry Oil that this select extract truly shines. My mentor Madeleine Kerkhof says that it is extremely uplifting, with both an uplifting and grounding effect, simulataneously, as well as purifying and banishing emotional and spiritual negativity. The ancient tradition of the use of Juniper to cleanse and repel negative energy spans rituals and cultures around the world.

Emotionally, Juniper Berry Extract is said to aid with anxiety and fears, giving a feeling of safety and protection. Recommend blending with White Sage essential oil or Sage CO2 for transitions.

Physical effects of Juniper Essential Oil

Physically, Juniper Berry Oil is a diuretic and is often included in anti-cellulite and detoxifying blends. It is an essential component of any detoxifying blend, said by many to help with recovery from too much rich food or drink.

Rosemary Caddy recommends Juniper Oil for treating gout, since, she says, it expels uric acid from the body. (Perhaps blended in St. John’s Wort Oil for its anti-inflammatory effect?)

Juniper is antimicrobial for a wide range of bacteria (airborne, staph, strep, etc.) and can be used for respiratory complaints (inhalation).

Juniper Oil is said to help recover from hangovers.

It may be helpful with arthritis and rheumatism.

Skin Care Uses of Juniper Oil

In skin care it is said to aid in balancing oily skin and hair (thinking it would make a lovely blend with Geranium, perhaps a man’s blend?).

A facial steam with juniper oil is a wonderful aid to balancing oily skin or to soften blackheads.

Energetic Uses of Juniper Essential Oil

Energetically, Juniper is said to clean the atmosphere of a room, clearing negativity from rooms or from people. (Similar to the cleansing effects of white sage.) There are those who recommend its use meditation for centering and drawing loving energy.

WARNINGS:Robert Tisserand advises that Commission E Monographs indicates that it may cause kidney damage or irritation. Robert found no evidence to support this, nor the pregnancy/fetal dangers. Regulatory guidelines still say that it may cause damage to kidneys.

Batch # GE_011507
Batch #GE-871314
Batch #GE-58872

BLENDS WITH: Cypress, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lemon, Fennel, Rosemary.







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