Grapefruit, White


Citrus paradisii Macfadyen, organically grown, Israel.

• Toning and astringent
• Diuretic
• Stimulates Qi, helping to move, transform, eliminate

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Product Information

I’ve never cared much for white grapefruit oil–in the past, the specimens I’ve sampled have seemed bitter. There was no way I was going to put our label on THAT! I’ve always loved pink grapefruit oils that have a luscious, juicy “pop.” However, I recently received a sample of white grapefruit oil that fairly sparkles with crisp, clean citrus “goodness” and I am pleased to offer it!

In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting much when this sample came in, but my beloved Organic Pink Grapefruit just wasn’t produced this year, and I knew our new Red Grapefruit, delightful as it is, lacked the astringency folks expect in a Grapefruit oil. AH… this new specimen just delighted all of us. Bright, sparkling, fresh, think of a dry champagne, perhaps. It is astringent, but not at all bitter. And it sparkles. The oil SHOULD bubble in the cylinder as we measure it. (But it doesn’t.)

Following the descriptions of our pink and red grapefruit oils, inhalation of the white grapefruit variety may have the positive effect of decreasing appetite, thereby assisting in weight loss.

Because of white grapefruit’s excellent toning, astringent, and diuretic effects, some believe that using diluted grapefruit oil on the skin may assist in reducing the appearance of skin cellulite or “rippling,” though I cannot say for sure.

Energetically, this oil shines at refreshing the mind and promoting clarity. Diffused, it helps clear negative energy blocks, and promotes a feeling of optimism. Gabriel Mojay says use of white grapefruit oil stimulates Qi, “helping it to move, transform, eliminate” (Mojay, 1997).

Safety: Robert Tisserand advises: phototoxicity (low risk); avoid use before exposing to sunlight or tanning bed, maximum dermal use 4%. Note: he also advises that though grapefruit juice interacts with many medications, grapefruit oil is “not at all likely to cause drug interactions”. (Tisserand and Young, 2014).

White Grapefruit Essential Oil (Citrus paradisii)

More tangy, tart, “radiant” than pink or red (primary components: d-limonene, b-myrcene, a-pinene, sabinene, d-linalool, geraniol and traces of nootkatone)

Actions: Tonifying/ “activating”

Qualities: Astringent, diuretic, purifying, clarifying, balancing

Actions on specific body systems:

Skin: Wonderful as part of a blend for oily or congested skin; some claim that it is helpful in reducing the appearance of cellulite in conjunction with a cellulite roller/fascia tool–dilute heavily and massage into skin; phototoxic warning, 4% dermal maximum.

Liver/Kidneys: diuretic for liver and kidneys, tonifying; “detoxifying”

Joints: rheumatic type pain associated with warm, swollen joints.

Emotional/Spiritual/Energetic: Great for anxiety/ stress/fatigue as it is mentally stimulating and uplifting when diffused.

Clears “negative energy” blocks; promotes optimism; refreshes the mind; promotes clarity.

Stimulates Qi, “helping it to move, transform, eliminate”. (Mojay, 1997)

Other uses: Superb in perfumery as it balances powerful floral notes like ylang ylang, gardenia, tuberose, etc.

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 1 to 2 years after you open the bottle. Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

Research relating to grapefruit essential oil:

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