Incense Cedar Wood

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Calocedrus macrolepis Kurz var formosana/ Calocedrus formosana Taiwan Incense Cedar. Wildcrafted, Steam-distilled, Wood.
• “Taiwan Sandalwood”
• Wonderful for mediation to use alone or with a familiar friend

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Product Information

We imported this oil because Jim and I both fell in love with the aroma. As sweet as sandalwood, with the depth of Agarwood, perhaps a hint of amber. I do not have the vocabulary to describe it. We just knew that we had to have it, and had to make it available to you.

Sweet, woody with a hint of amber, I am told this is the most prized aromatic grown in Taiwan. It is known as a national treasure.

The wood is golden and smooth, often used for furniture. The sawdust is sold for incense, because of its sweet fragrance. It is sometimes called “Taiwan Sandalwood”, but its aroma lasts much longer than that of Sandalwood, equaling Agarwood in its dry-down.

We find this a wonderful aid to meditation; that is its traditional use, and recommended.

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Reviews (5)

  1. meeshknight

    ( 5 Reviews )

    meeshknight (verified owner)

    I recently lived in Taiwan for 4 years where I fell in love with Taiwan Cedar in incense form. In fact, I still have some left which I regularly burn as part of my spiritual practice. While living there, I would see the oil in the Buddhist supply shops, where they sell it in 10ml rollers in a slightly different form. However, every time I considering buying some, I was overwhelmed by the agarwood-esque notes, and would inevitably not purchase it despite the encouragement of the various vendors. When I saw this oil at NG, I decided to blind buy it, and I am so glad I did. While my initial reaction was the same, especially in the bottle, when diffused and used as a perfume oil, that agarwood notes fade a bit and the sweet, smoky incense notes take center stage. The first time I diffused it, I immediately felt transported to another place; it was like instant meditation. I see now what the Buddhist sellers were saying, lol, and they were right. While I still think the unique aroma of the wood when it is burning can’t be beat, I should have listened and bought the oil form way before now! I am now obsessed with the stuff and use it for either diffusion or on my skin daily. I find that as a perfume/anointing oil for meditation, that sesquiterpene intensity can be toned down a bit by adding Sandalwood or Muhuhu and even a touch of vanilla CO2 for sweetness. An oil I will almost certainly reorder in the future, and something I would strongly recommend for someone looking for a really unique and powerful spiritual oil.

  2. Paris P

    ( 5 Reviews )

    Paris P

    I find this to be lovely, smooth, & rich. It blends well with just about anything in a diffuser and seems to add a mysterious quality to any blend. It renews lavender and patchouli….the 3 together remind me of a rustic campfire at dusk. I don’t however get any notes of cumin as mentioned in another review but to each his own when it comes to olfactory! I do find it to intensify aphrodisiac blends 😉

  3. Charlie from Florida

    ( 5 Reviews )

    Charlie from Florida

    I knew I would love Incense Cedar from the name alone. The name is the perfect description for this scent. Deep woods, roots, syrupy resin, all wrapped in a sweet and smoky blanket. Every now then I catch a hint of, no joke, a root beer float. As it dries down it becomes sweeter, and creamy. This is an essential oil I’m really enjoying all by itself. Sure it would blend marvelously with others, but it’s so balanced by itself it deserves to stand alone. Blended with some English Lavender the spicy notes really shine. Almost cinnamon like. My favorite way to enjoy it is simply on an aroma stone or a candle diffuser. A little goes a long way, and it lingers for quite a while. This is such an amazing grounding oil. It gives a very intense feeling of protection, and balance. I feel as though I am good enough and have everything I need. Incense Cedar has valuable lessons to teach. It reinforces my desire to stop, and be nowhere else but where I am right now. Pairing it with some red jasper really intensifies this. Once again you’ve found these amazing gifts from nature that speak to my soul. Thank you so much for sharing them with me.

  4. Erick from California

    ( 5 Reviews )

    Erick from California

    I bought this oil based off of the description, but was left highly disappointed. To my nose and that of three others whom all smelled it both on a smelling strip, on a mans skin and also on a females skin, the main not that jumps out is cumin (which is notorious for smelling of dirty sweat or BO). The next note picked up is that of Virginia Cedarwood, but without the boldness or rounded scent of say a nice red heartwood cedar; think cedar light. Lastly I do pick up some of the sandalwood notes, but none of the sweet creamy notes found in Mysore or some of the cultivated Indian sandalwoods, but more of the dry saw dusty smell associate with Western Australia sandalwoods. I smell ZERO oud aka agarwood and I own many from trusted artisan distillers so I’m familiar with how unique and varying they can be, but the all carry a universal oudiness that is recognizable no matter the region or extraction method; this oil has nothing resembling oud. It is spicy, again think cumin, in a unique way that I haven’t experienced in any other wood oil. I can’t speak to the therapeutic affects of this oil, but from a perfumery point of view it’s use will probably be very limited to only trace amounts. This is one of those oils where I wish samples were offered before purchasing.

  5. James from Tennessee

    ( 5 Reviews )

    James from Tennessee

    This is a great oil, subtle and slow releasing. Nice to wear or to let evaporate. I do about 6 drops onto a terra cotta saucer and it evaporates over 1/2 hour. Def. recommend.

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