Hyssop officianalis var decumbens, (Hyssop Linalool) organically produced, France.

• Wonderful respiratory oil

• Highly expectorant

• Relieves bronchial spasms

• Safe for ages 2 and up.


Product Information

Also known as Hyssop montana canescens, Mountain Hyssop, or Hyssop Linalol. Steam-distilled from the flowering tops of this creeping perennial herb. Wonderful respiratory oil!

I know of no better way to loosen up a tight chest than inhaled Hyssop oil. Its sweetly medicinal aroma is highly expectorant. We have been using it to banish the aftermath of this winter’s flu; to help loosen and liquefy my daughter’s bronchial cough, and to help ease sinus caused sore throats. Some authorities say it can relieve bronchial spasms and thus might be helpful for asthma attacks, however I have no first hand experience with this yet.

One friend recommends a blend of Hyssop, Eucalyptus smithii and Pinus sylvestris for asthma. My instinct is to use this one in the diffuser, as a steam, or just inhale from a tissue.

Hyssop decumbens has a soft, lovely dry down, clean smelling, soothing and gentle. Shirley Price recommends blending Hyssop with Eucalyptus, Ravensara, Niaouli, and Cajeput for respiratory problems. She also says it is very useful in taming the itching that can come with eczema. My French friends swear that there is no better oil for any bronchial complaint, and that, unlike most other respiratory oils, Mountain Hyssop may safely be used by most asthma sufferers.







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