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Sometimes called “aromasticks.” NOW available in colors!

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Product Information

Create your own convenient pocket inhalers for your favorite essential oil or blend. Ideal for headache relievers, sinus pain relievers, energizers, destressers, any application that works well strictly by inhalation.

Similar to some well known “brand name” inhalers used for sinus congestion.

Please note, these are made of food-grade plastic and are of commercial/hospital grade. PHTHALATE FREE. We have heard stories of other inhalers being difficult to fill, dripping, leaking, in general not being either convenient or safe to use. We sell these by the gross to hospitals all over the US for their complementary medicine programs. They are the quality you and your family deserve.

NEW!! Colored Inhaler Blanks

The same food grade heavy plastic and surgical cotton core. Made in North America, not imports from China. The same quality inhaler that we have been distributing to hospitals and professionals for years. Now in Lavender and Black. (The manufacturer had sent us samples of red, green, blue and yellow inhaler blanks. We were ecstatic, but, to everyone’s disappointment, the manufacturer’s extensive testing showed that the more exciting colors could not stand up to the essential oils. Although we are disappointed not to have a fuller range of colors, we applaud their high quality standards.

See one assembled with our SineEase Synergy on our Physical Well Being Synergies page.

Note: Educator and author Madeleine Kerkhof-Knapp Hayes says Geranium in an inhaler can be helptul for ear infections. (Did you know that if an oil is inhaled through the mouth, not the nose, that it goes directly to the inner ear and can help combat both infection and pain? Neither did I!)

Instructions for assembling:

We recommend using 80% essential oil and 20% Fractionated Coconut or Jojoba (to prevent rapid evaporation). For 12 blanks use a scant ½ ounce of the blend. (3 ml carrier and 12 ml essential oil.) For a single blank, use approximately 15 to 20 drops total. Soak cotton inserts in blend to saturate. Screw inside liner and outside case tightly together. Place cotton insert inside plastic liner. Put tiny closure inside (small end down) and press tightly. Your new inhaler is ready to use. Note, these are NOT designed to be refillable.







Black, Lavender, White

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  1. Charlie from Florida

    ( 1 Review )

    Charlie from Florida

    These inhalers are really the best single use inhalers I’ve found. They feel well made, and they hold the aroma longer then others I have tried.

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