Frankincense – Myrrh CoDistilled


Black Sacra Frankincense from Oman dances with very fresh Black and Red Myrrh from Somalia in the still. A true yin and yang.

*Holiday Blend
*the Magi’s Gift Distillate
*a Nature’s Gift exclusive

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Product Information

My friend who distills our Omani Frankincense Sacra has a love/hate relationship with Myrrh. She says, “Myrrh is soft, oozy, delicious, and obstreperous, and is a lifetime commitment.” Myrrh essential oil, when distilled from very fresh resin, has the same specific gravity as water, so instead of floating to the top, or even sinking to the bottom, he floats in sticky globules throughout the hydrosol. He requires his very own still, because it is impossible to totally remove every trace of Myrrh to use the still for another distillation of let us say Frankincense. In our second image (of the separator) you can see the sticky Myrrh clinging to the separator.

Thank goodness for yin and yang! The marvelously feminine Frankincense Sacra attracts the oh-so-masculine Myrrh. Although the distillation process requires patience aplenty, the result is a beautiful, unique connection.

Other than the distiller herself, no one in the US has this amazing co-distillate. Especially for you, from Nature’s Gift.

This is truly a unique product, as it is not just Frankincense or Myrrh, but the essence of both.

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