Fragonia™ Hydrosol

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Agonis fragrans hydrosol, grown and distilled from young leaves and branches, Australia.

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Product Information

Fragonia™ Essential Oil has made its way into our hearts, minds, and lives.  As one of Australia’s unique oils, it touches the spirit in a very special, indescribable way. Now we are pleased to be able to offer Fragonia™ Hydrosol as a companion to its oil counterpart.

Unlike some hydrosols,which greatly differ aromatically from the essential oils, Fragonia™ hydrosol retains most of its familiar aroma, making it a delightful room or pillow spray or calming facial toner or spritzer.

The oil is known for fostering healing of deep, buried emotions in a gentle way, as well as inducing a relaxing sense of well-being that both calms and uplifts the user. The scent is light and airy, faintly floral, evoking a feeling of mothering protection—like a warm and welcome hug.

It is a fairly new hydrosol offering, and as such, we may not yet know all of its beneficial uses. It is not known as a skin sensitizer and should be safe for use on skin, including the face. My former assistant Christi tested an earlier batch, and as a fan of Fragonia™ in general found it very cheery and stress relieving when spritzed in a room. Her parakeets also love it, going into constant chirping and chattering after a quick spray into the cage. She cannot prove that it raises vibrations, but it does seem to lighten any heaviness felt in an area, and feels peaceful to the soul.

Note: A newer entry into the hydrosol field, the producer says data from clinical trials will be available in the future.

Available in a 1 oz sample or a 4 oz regular size. Comes in a safe PET plastic clear bottle with atomizer spray top for convenience.







1 oz sample, 4 oz, 16 oz bulk

Reviews (3)

  1. Shari from New York

    ( 3 Reviews )

    Shari from New York

    I’m fairly new to essential oils. I was THRILLED to see Fragonia Hydrosol as a selection at Nature’s Gift! It is extremely beautiful, and smells EXACTLY like the oil! You’ve made me a believer!!

  2. Dawn from Iowa

    ( 3 Reviews )

    Dawn from Iowa

    I use this almost every night on my face and on my pillow. Love the smell plus seems to help my respiratory issues.

  3. Tina from South Dakota

    ( 3 Reviews )

    Tina from South Dakota

    I got fragonia hydrosol to combine with calendula and rose hydrosols and use as a facial toner after I wash my face. It smells divine!

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