• Relaxing, soothing and revitalizing stress reliever
  • Eases muscle tension
  • Not a “go to sleep” blend, but a relaxant.
  • Pregnancy safe

Product Information

Relax stressed muscles and nerves with our new DeStress Massage Blend. Energizing White Grapefruit, pain relieving and relaxing Lavender, and gently warming Coriander combine to make a massage blend that relaxes the body and refreshes the spirit. A base of Fractionated Coconut Oil guarantees it will give just the right amount of “slip” for a massage or backrub. (Some of us get our legs and ankles rubbed with this wonderful concoction…sheer bliss!)

We had planned to only offer DeStress in a massage blend, however we’ve been reminded that there isn’t always someone around to rub your back, and were asked to offer it as a synergy, for inhalation or the bath. Because we like to make you happy, we are now offering both. (But we all prefer the massage blend!)







Massage Oil (4 oz), Synergy, 5 ml with Inhaler, 4 oz, Inhaler, Synergy (5 ml)


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