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From France, Solubol is a food grade emulsifier to dissolve essential oils in water, tea or other liquids.

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Product Information

To use: add one part essential oil to 4 parts Solubol. Blend well. Add approximately 20 parts of water, tea, etc. PLEASE NOTE: The blend of Solubol and essential oil should be self preserving, however once adding water, please consume quickly.

Contents: Vegetable Glycerin, Coconut Extract, Soy Lecithin, Maltodextrin (a food additive derived from wheat), Acacia gum (gum arabic), Vitamins E and C, and Rosemary Extract.  Gluten-free.

Solubol will allow the blending of up to 20-25% Essential oil. The mixture may need stirring/shaking before further use. The blend of Solubol and Essential Oil should be further diluted at least 20 times.

To obtain a drink that will be a stable emulsion, just add the mixture of oils and Solubol in the bottom of a glass and add water, or add some drops of the blend directly to an herb tea.


Essential oil of Mentha piperita 2 ml
Solubol 8 ml

Mix and stir very well before use. Put 10 drops of htis mixture in a glass of water or cup of tea. You could use the same formula for Sweet Orange, Lemon, etc. Make your “Stock Blend” in a bottle large enough to shake well. (10 drops of this mixture will be the equivalent of two drops of essential oil.)

I purchased the Solubol for my own use, to be able to properly dilule an essential oil to use in a nebulizer. I normally use hydrosols, but sometimes want to use essential oils.

1/2 oz (15 ml) is packaged in a cobalt glass bottle with an eyedropper top; 1 and 4 oz are in PET plastic bottles.







5kg bulk, 15 ml, 30 ml, 4 oz, 16 oz bulk


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