• The blend we developed to ease the sorrows caused by those directly affected by the events of September 11, or other, more personal tragedies.
  • Inhale, or dilute and wear as perfume
  • Undiluted, or skin-safe anointing oil
  • Ages 12 and up

Product Information

The responses we have received from our gifts of this blend have been heartwarming. We know from your feedback that it does provide relief from the emotional pain of dealing with tragic losses. It contains Cypress (for strength), Frankincense (for the Spirit), rare Rose Alba (for Comfort), Rose Otto for the soul, Atlas Cedarwood for courage, Helichrysum (for healing emotional scars and bruises), and Melissa (for the promise of joy).

It’s a beautiful blend. The rose will become stronger with time. As it is, it’s balanced, woodsy, with the softness and strength of the White Rose. We hadn’t planned to offer it for sale until after the new year, but with the holiday season coming we thought there might be those who need it now. Available both in undiluted synergy, and in skin-safe anointing oil (blended in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil).







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