SleepEase Synergy


  • Relaxing sleep-inducer.
  • Ages six and up, if diffused
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For those nights that your mind simply won’t hush and let you relax into sleep. Sadie and I tested several variations on a theme and came up with a sweetly citrus scented blend of Lavandin Super (more relaxing than Lavandula angustifolia, according to Dr. Jane Buckle), Sweet Marjoram, Green Mandarine (our most relaxing citrus oil) and Roman Chamomile. It doesn’t SMELL like it would put you to sleep, but everyone was yawning the day we poured it.

Because of the citrus oils we prefer to use this new synergy by inhalation, rather than in a bath. If adding to a bath, please be sure to dissolve in some Organic Liquid Castile first.


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