Deep Breath

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  • Designed for bronchial and respiratory problems
  • Available as synergy (5 and 15 mls) or inhaler.
  • Inhalation ages 6 and up

Product Information

I have COPD, and it doesn’t take much to make me short of breath. During Christi’s training with The Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy with Laraine Kyle Pounds she had to do several case studies. One was an inhalation blend for my COPD. It seems to help my breathing, and I like the aroma. Had I not been going to the AIA conference in Tampa in 2013 that would have been the end of it. I had run out, and at the very last minute asked her to blend me some more. I grabbed the bottle of the blend and a blank Deluxe Personal Inhaler. I was filling the inhaler in my hotel room and didn’t allow time for the cotton core to slowly absorb the liquid blend. I blythely filled the inhaler over-full, capped it and put it aside. Of course it promptly leaked all over the desk top. I had just finished mopping the desktop dry with a handful of tissues when an old friend arrived. “Your room smells wonderful!” It seems that several of the rooms in the hotel did NOT smell wonderful and the tissues, soaked with our COPD blend were in great demand. Tuck a scented tissue into the vent and the AC system will freshen your room in no time!

Deep Breath is a relaxing blend of Canadian Black Spruce, Indian Frankincense, Australian Fragonia™, Sweet Basil, Palo Santo, and Hyssop. As the name indicates it is designed to help ease respiratory problems in the lungs and bronchial system, not upper respiratory conditions. It would be equally effective in a diffuser or an inhaler.






Reviews (3)

  1. Carol from Missouri

    ( 3 Reviews )

    Carol from Missouri

    I am prone to respiratory issues from allergies, and this is immediately effective.As the other reviewer said, it also helps calm me down when I get overwhelmed by anxiety. The inhaler seems to last forever as well.

  2. Michelle from Kansas

    ( 3 Reviews )

    Michelle from Kansas

    I use this blend when my lungs are tight and wheezy. Within 15 minutes my lungs are loosened up and I’m breathing easier. I inhale and use this in my diffuser. It’s been a lifesaver during the field burn off and allergy season here in the mid west! I don’t ever want to be without it and just bought the larger bottle. Thank you thank you!

    (Marge’s comment: I normally don’t diffuse this…I find using a personal inhaler is a lot more effective for me. But other folks mileage may vary.)

  3. Charlie from Florida

    ( 3 Reviews )

    Charlie from Florida

    This blend shines in more ways than one. It’s intended purpose is hit spot on. My breathing is very easy when using this blend, and I notice I can take much deeper breathes. Emotionally this blend shines as well. It helps calm and ease myself nerves when I get into a panic. I also find it very grounding and helpful during meditation.

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