We have been playing catch-up. Restoring depleted stocks and bringing back
some treasures we’ve missed for a long time.

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  • February Sales Categories
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  • Our Clients Say: Jasmines, a Masculine Blend, Hair Gel, Fruit Loops? Solace, Hives, Frankincense.
  • Quote for February


  • Blood Orange
  • Bouquet of Jasmine Sampler
  • Cassia Bark
  • Champa Infused Apricot Oil
  • Eucalyptus Smithii, Organic
  • Frosted Roller Bottles
  • Rose Geranium, an extraordinary specimen. The finest I have seen in a decade.
  • Golden Champa Absolute
  • Jasmine Auriculatum
  • Labdanum Absolute, rich and resinous.
  • Lavandin Grosso, French, Organic
  • “Madeleine’s Book” Complementary Nursing in End of Life Care
  • Neroli, Tunisian
  • Peppermint, Organic Hungarian
  • Petitgrain Bigarade, true Bigarade from Italy, as it should be.
  • Solubol NV
  • Violet Leaf Absolute (the aroma of spring)
  • Vitex – Chasteberry
  • Ylangylang Complete, Organic


    For Winter Weary skin two special sale categories. All of our Cleopatra’s
    Secret Products
    are on special sale at 10% off normal pricing for the month
    of February, as are all of our Skincare Products. (See our Skincare Solutions category here.)

    Corsican Helichrysum Italicum
    ! We overbought in 2015 and still have a little bit of both our Helichrsum Serotinum and Helichrysum Don remaining. Given proper storage they will still be vibrant and effective well into 2020, but we would like to clear the shelves. Special pricing while supplies last.


    You asked, we listened. New size rollout: Our most popular synergies are now available in 15 ml, as well as the familiar 5 ml.
    Citrus Smile,
    Deep Breath,
    Fresh Aire,
    Relax, and
    You may access all available sizes via our dropdown menu for each product.


    On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, because we love you, take 14% off any retail sized Essential Oil, Absolute, or CO2.
    Only products listed at this link, while supplies last, retail sizes only (mls, not ounces), no kits or samplers, and may not be applied retroactively. Use discount code Romance.

    Free Shipping Friday: On the fourth Friday (2/24) enter discount code Friday-Free and receive free domestic shipping on orders valued over 5.00. No other Nature’s Gift discount may apply.


  • The things we used to know
    : Aromatherapy “facts” that have changed as we learned more.

  • France, the Louisiana Purchase, and Mosquitoes?
    Christi looks at how history may have influenced horticulture.

  • Guest Blog: Perfume Blending.
    Haly blends her favorites, and shows you how.

  • Our Clients Say:


    My friend Charlie writes the BEST descriptions of our products that I have
    ever seen. He has missed his calling, and should be in marketing. At
    any rate, he recently requested samples of all three of our Jasmine specimens,
    Jasmine auriculatum, back in stock after a long absence, Jasmine Grandiflora,
    and Jasmine Sambac. After receiving and experiencing
    them, he wrote the following (quoted with permission):

    I asked for samples of the three Jasmine absolutes they offer, and they were kind
    enough during the busy Friday special to make it happen. I’ve never had a true
    Jasmine absolute so I’m doing research for when I can go in on a bottle. I’ve
    spent a couple days with them now and have decided I need all three.

    The Jasmine sambac may just be my favorite. Warm, fruity and floral. Very rich
    and intense. It reminds me of Ylangylang extra, but more green and slightly
    herbaceous. This would be what I imagine live Jasmine flowers smell like. A very
    mysterious scent indeed.

    The Grandiflora is quite different. It’s all floral. Not really green or fruity.
    This reminds me of iconic Jasmine scents that my grandmother had in her
    fragrance collection. As it develops over time it smells like Benzoin and
    flowers. Very bright and sunny!

    The Auriculatum is a spicy floral! To me it seems less sweet, and more green,
    fruity, almost citrus like. With a touch of clove. It reminds me of the gardenia
    bushes in my front yard as a kid.

    These are absolutely beautiful. The aromas radiate from the scent strips and
    have filled my room. These make me excited for spring flowers!

    Thank you, Charlie! I have tried, and failed, to describe the differences between these three, and am
    grateful for perfumer’s nose, and vocabulary.

    A Masculine Blend

    Leah and I had been discussing the difference in scent between our Siberian
    Fir CO2 and the distilled Siberian Fir, and she mentioned a blend she used the
    CO2 in. Of course I had to ask what… and she gave permission to share.

    Just a note because you asked how we used the Siberian fir CO2. I mixed a blend
    of Siberian Fir CO2, Bergamot FCF, Atlas Cedarwood and Vetiver. I used it in a body butter and perfumed oil for men. The
    guys loved it and one wife liked it on her husband but not for herself. Thanks,

    Sounds to me like a lovely masculine blend. (And no, Leah did not share her percentages, it would be “to taste.”) I told her it
    sounded wonderful, all those deep notes, and only the Bergamot to lighten it.

    Hair Gel?

    Susan Snyder wrote:

    Hello Marge,

    Your Aloe Vera Gel is one of my favorite new finds on your website. I love it
    on my skin, but recently I found another use for it. I had discontinued use of
    my store bought hair gel when I changed to all natural cosmetics. I had not yet
    figured out a replacement, and noticed “aloe” as a key ingredient when doing a
    little research on what I could mix up myself. Instead of going with a complex
    recipe — I decided to try just the Aloe Vera Gel from Nature’s Gift as a hair
    gel, and I’m loving it. I have fine hair and very little of the gel goes a long
    way (I only need five squirts from the bottle and applied to the roots of my
    hair). In addition, I feel like the health of my scalp has improved since using

    No need to respond. I just wanted to pass on an additional use of one of your
    products just in case it might help someone else.

    I did respond, to ask permission to share her idea, which had never occurred to me. I am wondering about adding “hair friendly” essential oils to the aloe gel? Either the components of our Stimulating Scalp Oil, Rosemary, Atlas Cedarwood, Thyme Linalol and Lavandin, or even, for a child’s hair, Nerolina, known for combatting “Children’s hair problems.” (We want to name it “No Nitz” or “Nitz Blitz.”)

    Air Cleaning Blend?

    Marnie recently wrote that she blends Lemon Myrtle and Lime as a diffuser
    blend. And her kids say it smells just like Fruit Loops!

    QUESTION: 10% dilution to get to a 1% dilution?

    A client recently wrote, asking: Quick question: How many drops of the German Chamomile CO2 10% would you add to a 1 oz bottle to equal a
    1% dilution total? Thank you so much. I just love your oils!

    Our answer, “You would want 6 drops of UNDILUTED eo to give a 1% dilution in one oz of carrier… so you would need 60 drops of the 10% dilution…see? (Or three mls!) Add that to the bottle FIRST, then add the rest of your chosen carrier; remember you are also adding a lot of Fractionated Coconut Oil. Of the 60 drops of diluted Chamomile Total, 54 will be fractionated Coconut oil, so count that as part of your fixed oil.


    In a Facebook group. we were discussing how our bodies know what we need, and a friend shared the following:

    Marge Clark, I just wanted to say I let my mother in law smell a few samples and she was so drawn to Solace not even knowing it is for emotional healing. (She is still grieving over her husband’s death from years ago). Thank you for such a wonderful product. 

    And when asked if I could quote her, she replied, “Yes please do quote me on that. I am just blown away by your knowledge and help and products.”

    Hives? Heli!

    Kate wrote,

    I just wanted to share with you how incredible your helichrysum oil is!
    My son is ten and had a horrible allergic reaction to amoxicillin. He
    had hives on nearly every inch of his skin. Doctor recommended Benadryl,
    but he was still itchy and spotted a day later. I tried the helichrysum
    oil in a sweet almond base before school and I was amazed to see him
    when he got back. I have included pictures below, though they don’t do
    justice to seeing it in person! Thanks!

    (Note, the pictures somehow got lost in the process!)


    Sue Madunich, of Aromatic Blessings,
    recently wrote the following about our Boswellia sacra, from Oman:

    I have been in love with Sacred Frankincense since I started using oils many years ago. I have tried many different places looking
    for “that fit.” All I can say is WOW! I seriously almost cried when I smelled the Sacred Frank (White). I can honestly say I have never smelled or experienced anything like that, EVER. Thanks, Marge. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the beautiful products you sell. I will be posting numerous reviews on this oil! YOU ARE AMAZING! I need to move to TN!

    February Quote:

    But February made me shiver. With every paper I’d deliver. Bad news on the doorstep. I couldn’t take one more
    —Don McLean

    A traditional British saying predicts:

    If Candlemas Day be fair and bright
    Winter will have another fight.
    If Candlemas Day brings cloud and rain,
    Winter won’t come again.

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