Relax Synergy


  • Calming relaxing sleep blend of Green Mandarine, Fragonia(TM), and Lavender Population (Lavender Fine)
  • 5 mls, undiluted synergy
  • Excellent for insomnia and aid for inducing sleep.
  • Inhalation safe ages 6 and up.

Product Information

As part of Christi’s training at the Institute for Integrative Aromatherapy, a number of case studies were required. One of the blends she formulated took on a life of its own, so we are making available this calming blend of Green Mandarine, Fragonia™, and Lavender Population.

Originally designed to help a client with anxiety, stress issues, and overall well-being, it quickly became clear that this blend is helpful for those experiencing problems going to sleep and staying asleep. Yes, we do offer our SleepEase Synergy which has benefitted many people over the years and is similar in nature, but Relax is a blend which is nice to rotate with the SleepEase or as an alternative to it. Relax has a very pleasant aroma. Fragonia seems to meld the Green Mandarine and Lavander together quite nicely, like “humming a happy tune”, according to Christi.

(A hidden benefit with the Relax Synergy is Fragonia’s ability to ease respiratory difficulties.)







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