March has come in like a lion here in Middle Tennessee, and other parts of the country as well. We are all ready for a bit of lamb, thank you kindly!


CITRUS OILS! We checked the best sellers on our Valentine’s Day sale, and it seems you loved our Citrus oils. So for the month of March all of our retail-sized Citrus Rind Oils are at a 10% savings. (I was reminded that Neroli and the various Petitgrain oils, and Orange Blossom Oil are also from citrus trees, so they are included.) Save on all of our Citrus Smilebringers, including our Citrus Smiles Synergy, perfect for diffuser or inhaler.


St. Patrick’s Day — On Friday, March 17th use the discount code Shamrock and receive a 17% discount on all retail-sized essential oils, absolutes, and CO2 extracts. Bulk oils (measured in fl oz, not mls) are excluded.

OR on the fifth Friday this month, March 31st, use the promo code Friday-Free and receive free domestic shipping on purchases over 5. No other discounts may apply to either sale.


Our lovely Coriander CO2 is finally back in stock, as is Evening Primrose CO2, Hops CO2, Kiwi Seed CO2, Seabuckthorn Seed CO2, Sandalwood Seed Oil (another CO2 extracted skincare oil), Virgin Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Squalane (from Olive Oil,) Organic Shea Nut Oil, Virgin Organic Cranberry Seed Oil. In addition, we have restocked Rosewood essential oil, our Distilled Lime oil, Oregano, and more of our bargain priced Russian Rose Absolute. Organic Frankincense (Boswellia carterii), Osmanthus Absolute (bottled sunshine!), Choya Loban, Bergaptine Free Bergamot (sun safe for topical use).


  • Red Grapefruit Cold-pressed, organic. Sweetest of the grapefruits.
  • Coconut CO2 Just for fun, the scent of summer.
  • Black Cumin Seed CO2 The best of both, contains both the fatty acids from the cold-pressed oil and the volatile essential oil components.
  • Malibu Jars Four ounce, perfect for shower gel, creams, thicker lotions. (Yes, we overbought!)

  • Early in February we wrote a long article about shipping rates, free and otherwise. TANSTAAFL.
  • Later in the month, two posts about Petitgrain, first, an admission that I was wrong, and an eyewitness story about its effectiveness. Followed by an essay about some confusing, and often ignored, botanical differences.
  • This started to be an article about some research on the use of Arnica. It grew into a huge collection of research citations. Lots to dig into. Rose, for pain relief? Lemon, for nausea? It’s all here.
  • Friday, March 3rd was Employee Appreciation Day, so I introduced our readers to the crew that makes everything happen around here.
  • And this week Christi shared her experience with Mango Ginger (and other gingers).
  • Our Clients Say

    We love positive feedback from all of our clients, but sometimes we get a bit starstruck.

    Many of you know Michael Scholes of The Laboratory of Flowers. Michael was a “someone” in the aromatic world when I was just…brand new. He was an established teacher and authority decades ago. Every once in awhile he will place an order for a few ounces of something unusual. And it delights me! Finally, after his most recent order I emailed (trying not to sound too star struck)… “It just tickles me when I see an order from you! Thank you!” and he replied:


    You are so kind and I appreciate what you do so much. We are torch
    bearers for essential oils and I know when I purchase something from
    you that it is the most authentic available anywhere.

    Best regards always,


    Starstruck! definitely starstruck! Of course I asked for permission to quote, and he said, of course!

    Yes. Starstruck indeed.

    Mango Ginger

    Dyan Simms wrote some time ago about her challenges dealing with the pain of “Trigger Finger”…“I have developed ‘trigger finger’ on my thumb. I was thinking about some of the Miracle blend or maybe Plai oil for it. Any other suggestions?”

    I was at a loss, but Christi has dealt with this, and wrote the following:

    Miracle Oil is always a good place to start! I will include a few samples, too, of other anti-inflammatories.

    In particular, I have experimented quite a bit with our Mango Ginger CO2 for inflammation & sometimes when nothing else will help, I will use the 10% dilution all around the bottom of my right thumb near the synovial joint and that will ease it up a bit quicker than anything else I have tried. It is a newer oil but seems to be helpful in terms of analgesic and anti-inflammatory (among other) uses. This may be due to high beta caryophyllene which is a sesquiterpene found in black pepper, hops, clove, etc.

    Hope that helps!

    (All of this was news to me, by the way!)

    Dyan recently wrote the following:

    Hi Christi,

    I’ve been meaning to email you both and let you know how the oils worked. Both worked well, the Mango Ginger and Kunzea. They worked even better when combined with the Marge’s Miracle blend — one pump plus a drop or two of one of the e/o’s. Tried both this way and they both worked equally well.

    Sure, you can quote me. You can use my name. Thanks for your help! Dyan Simms

    Roberta also suffers from “Trigger Finger” and had been using our St. Johns Wort Infused Oil. It helped… but adding Mango Ginger 10% to it made a world of difference. (She has also been using this combination on painful varicose veins, and finds the pain is gone!).

    I LOVE it when our oils make a difference for people!

    Bug Bites?

    Just heard from an old online friend in Australia, Tess Clark. She reminded me, “Hi Marge, back back ages ago you shared a ‘bug bite’ recipe. Recipe was 6 drops lavender, 2 german chamomile, 1 helichrysum, diluted in 8ml jojoba and 7ml aloe vera to make a 15ml roll on. Wanted to give you some feedback. We’ve used it on mozzie bites with great success and I’ve also used it on minor burns. Also very good for both swelling, pain and healing. Recently mum got a wasp sting — we applied immediately and it stopped the pain and healed no problems. She also recently had a shingles vaccine and her arm swelled a lot and was very painful and red — applied — went down within 1 hour of application. Just wanted to thank you again for this awesome recipe. It has become a staple in our house and a blend we wouldn’t want to be without. Mum’s going up to the Top End in a few months and she’ll be taking it with her. Thanks again xx.”

    (For my fellow Americans… “Mozzies” are Australian bred mosquitoes.)

    Uplifting Diffuser Blend from the March 2007 newsletter:

    Lissa Blood shared her favorite “Citrus Smile” lamp or diffuser blend recently:
    5 drops petitgrain
    4 drops bergamot
    3 drops bergamot mint
    2 drops lemon
    1 drop sweet basil

    You can switch the ingredients around to make it more sweet or sour depending on your mood.

    Aromatic Quote

    Aromatic (sorta) quote for the month…from (because it made me laugh!).

    “…Would you like some tea?”


    “Alright, I’ve got chamomile, I’ve got chamomile mango, I’ve got chamomile mint, I’ve got peppermint, I’ve got spearmint, I’ve got evening mint, I’ve got plantation mint, I’ve got… don’t look at me like that, it’s my sister’s fault, SHE did this to me… where was I,… I’ve got Evening Jewel, I’ve got tangerine, I’ve got…”

    May the March Winds blow only good things your way!

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