Champa, Golden, Infused in Apricot Kernel Oil

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One of our most exotic floral infusions makes a fragrant moisturizer or perfume. Now also available in a convenient roller ball bottle as well larger sizes
•A favorite in Perfumery
•Fragrant and Floral
•Luxurious after-shower body oil
•Delicate, soft, and Sweet
•Convenient purse size roller bottle


Product Information

Golden Champa Blossoms infused in one of my favorite fixed oils. I’ve always loved Apricot Kernel Oil for skin care, but this luxuriously scented infusion is about to become my new after shower body oil. Available in a 1 oz treatment pump bottle or a 10 ml roll-on for convenience and portability.

I have read that Champa infused oil is used to ease headaches and may help with vertigo. I honestly don’t know if this Champa infused oil has been infused long enough to release the therapeutic benefits of the blossoms. It would most definitely be worth trying though. Even without that particular therapeutic benefit, it is still a wonderfully aromatic moisturizer for face or body.







1 fl oz Bottle w/Pump, 16 oz Bulk Refill, 4 fl oz, 32 oz bulk, Rollon

Reviews (2)

  1. Kris from Missouri

    ( 2 Reviews )

    Kris from Missouri

    If I had the ability, I would purchase a small roller bottle for every person I see suffering from an emotional trauma. Or any trauma! I’ve often thought that walking in the woods was my idea of what Heaven will smell like. I might have been wrong.
    Marge I can never thank you enough for introducing me to this Heaven on Earth! Champaca infused in Apricot oil cannot be Beat for uplifting & holding you in that exact spot where everything is ok.
    It’s almost a promise. One way or the other, everything will be ok.
    Thank you once again for providing us with such gorgeous, super high quality essential oils and more!

  2. Amy from Alaska

    ( 2 Reviews )

    Amy from Alaska

    This oil smells like honeysuckle and jasmine sambac had a love child, gorgeous! The first time I smelled it I was sitting on a couch, depressed and feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, and it made my emotions do a 180. Unbelievable. Apparently this oil hits me where I need it.

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