Sandalwood New Caledonian 10% dilution

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Santalum austrocaledonicum, sustainably plantation grown, hydrodistilled-distilled from heartwood, a skinsafe 10% dilution on Fractionated Coconut Oil.

– lighter and sweeter than Indian Santalum

– aid to meditation and spiritual growth

– tonic to the immune system

– effective for strep throat


Product Information

A new to us, lush and sweet Sandalwood, sustainably plantation grown in the French islands of New Caledonia. For every tree that is harvested, the growers plant not onlly 6 new Sandalwood trees, but 18 new host trees. By selecting this oil we are contributing to, rather than destroying, Nature’s gifts to us.

Aromatically, the New Caledonian oil is perhaps a bit lighter and sweeter than my beloved Indian Santalum album. I was delighted to encounter it, and as I sit here inhaling from a scent strip we dipped 12 hours ago, I am thinking this might be my favorite of our current range of Sandalwood oils and CO2s.

Guilt free and relatively affordable, what more could a Sandalwood addict ask for?

Batch # NC-58611
Batch #NC-59086






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  1. Patricia J from Oregon

    ( 1 Review )

    Patricia J from Oregon

    Delicious sandalwood!!! Somehow softer and sweeter than the Album, with an almost floral hint, but still definitely sandalwood. Blend equal parts with neroli Mediterranean 10%. Instant nirvana for sandalwood and neroli lovers like me. An oil not to be missed.

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