Sandalwood New Caledonian

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Santalum austrocaledonicum, sustainably plantation grown, hydrodistilled-distilled from heartwood,


Product Information

A new to us, lush and sweet Sandalwood, sustainably plantation grown in the French islands of New Caledonia. For every tree that is harvested, the growers plant not onlly 6 new Sandalwood trees, but 18 new host trees. By selecting this oil we are contributing to, rather than destroying, Nature’s gifts to us.

Aromatically, the New Caledonian oil is perhaps a bit lighter and sweeter than my beloved Indian Santalum album. I was delighted to encounter it, and as I sit here inhaling from a scent strip we dipped 12 hours ago, I am thinking this might be my favorite of our current range of Sandalwood oils and CO2s.

Guilt free and relatively affordable, what more could a Sandalwood addict ask for?

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 5 to 8 years after you open the bottle. Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

Batch # NC-58611
Batch # NC-59086






Reviews (4)

  1. Sarah from Florida

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Sarah from Florida

    Just the sweetest. A warm wood with a maple linger.

  2. Kathy from New York

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Kathy from New York

    This sandalwood has the sweetest scent of any I’ve encountered. It’s delicate enough to wear as a perfume on its own; I imagine it would also compliment floral or spice oils quite nicely. Well worth the expense for this beautiful oil.

  3. Tiffany from Virginia

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Tiffany from Virginia

    This is the daintiest sandalwood I’ve encountered. This makes it perfect for blending with other, more delicately-scented oils that may be overwhelmed by a bolder sandalwood. This is not my favorite sandalwood by itself (though it is lovely!), but I am quite pleased with the extra blending flexibility this gives me. Definitely worth having on hand if you like working with sandalwood.

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