Rosewood (Bois de Rose)

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Aniba rosaeodora

  • CITES Certified
  • Fully Sustainable
  • Plantation grown
  • Heartwood and branches.
  • Guilt free!
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Product Information

I did not believe that a CITES certified Rosewood existed, and we are just delighted to make this batch available to you.

Rosewood, with its woody/floral aroma, can be an aphrodisiac, an antidepressant, and a general balancer to the emotions. In skin care, it is said to stimulate new cell growth, regenerate tissues and help minimize lines and wrinkles. It helps balance both dry and oily skin, and can prove helpful against acne. Rosewood is an integral part of our Rosacea Synergy.

Some authorities say it has a hormonal effect, not unlike that claimed for Rose and for Geranium. It blends well with both of these oils.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. BR-48526
Batch No: BR-28055
Batch No: BR-31354
Batch No: PE-59008
Batch No. PE-59177






Reviews (1)

  1. Kathy

    ( 1 Review )


    Just Received it. Wonderful smell. Is this from Brazil?

    • Candice Forte

      Candice Forte (store manager)

      Glad you are pleased! I believe the batch you received is from Brazil.

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