Rosemary Verbenon

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Rosmarinus officinalis var Verbenon, organically produced, steam-distilled flowering tops, Italy
– closest in aroma to the fresh picked herb
– gentler and less stimulating than traditional chemotypes
– recommended for cellular regenerative powers
– from our Italian Collection, from Marco Valussi.


Product Information

Closest in aroma to the fresh-picked herb, this is by far and away my favorite of our Rosemary Oil varieties.

Gentler and less stimulating than our more traditional cineole-rich Rosemary, this chemotype is most frequently recommended for skincare. Rosemary Verbenon is recommended by many authorities for its cellular regenerative powers. I have frequently seen Rosemary Verbenon recommended for the treatment of oily skin and scalp, and dandruff.

Stephanie Tourles recommends Rosemary Verbenon’s use in regenerating and nurturing formulations for wrinkled, aging, burned, scarred, or sundamaged skin. She also recommends it for acne-prone skin, and I’m wondering if it might not be helpful in treating scars from acne.

In my experience, this lovely chemotype lacks the stimulating effects of most rosemary oils, which makes it much more appropriate for adding to an evening shower or shampoo. I find it relaxing, rather than stimulating. Dr. Penoil says that it can help balance the nervous system. Other French authorities say it is useful for support of the liver and gall bladder, that it is an endocrine regulator, and useful for respiratory infections. Put on a CD of ocean sounds, add one drop of seaweed essential oil and five or six drops of this lovely Rosemary, and perhaps a touch of Fennel to a bath, lean back, relax, and experience the ocean. Can you tell I’ve been away from the sea too long?

WARNING: Verbenon is a mild ketone. No formal testing, but avoid in pregnancy, with babies, and children.

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 2 to 3 years after you open the bottle. Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

Certificate of Analysis: Batch No: FR-B815038
Batch No. FR-B815040
Batch No. FR-B815041
Batch No. FR-B815042
Batch No. FR-B815043
Batch No. FR-B815045
Batch No FR-59077
Batch No. IT-59085  – Current Batch






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