Rosemary Cineole CO2


Rosemary Cineole CO2 Extracted, organically produced.. The most aromatic Rosemary I have ever experienced.
*Energizing, best for fatigue
*Stimulates circulation
*Hair growth, scalp care
*Avoid with infants and toddlers


Product Information

For years my favorite CO2 producer has offered this Rosemary Cineole CO2 Select, but I’d never bothered with it. Rosemary cineole is an oil I have a very hard time being enthusiastic about, and…why buy more? Then I took Madeleine Kerkhof’s CO2 Extracts course, and she passed around a sample.

Oh MY! Have you broken a sprig of Rosemary off a bush, and crushed the needles in your fingers? That is the aroma of this amazing new red Rosemary Cineole. (Red? Why is it red? I don’t have any idea, but I’ll try to find out).

My teacher, Madeleine Kerkhof, teaches the use of Rosemary ct Cineole CO2 to promote circulation on all skin layers. She recommends it for oily skin, for skin atrophy due to low circulations, and as a hair and scalp oil, to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. It would be a wonderful addition to any hair or scalp mask or serum.

It would also be helpful for acne.

Mentally, this Rosemary CO2 is said to enhance memory and cognition. Very much a “morning” oil and one to inhale while working!

When diffused, it lightens and brightens the energy of a room.

A wonderful oil for fatigue, for those who have their internal ‘clock’ out of sync… for example those working a late shift. Warning, though, do not diffuse this delightful oil right before bedtime! A great morning wake up, though, when the coffee just isn’t doing it!

Also… during the day, a wonderful decongestant. Gentler and aromatically more pleasing than the high 1.8 cineole eucalyptus oils. A wonderful airway decongestant.

Useful for muscle pain and fatigue, and circulation issues. Said to be supportive of the adrenals.

SAFETY: Like all high 1,8 Cineole oils, avoid use with young children. May increase blood pressure. There are those who say it should be avoided with epilepsy or other seizure disorders.

Batch No. GE-58975







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