KleenHandz Gel

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  • Gentle Aloe gel with tea tree and lavender
  • Ravintsara for antiviral effects
  • Safe for age six and up

Product Information

We can’t legally call KleenHandz a hand sanitizer, because according to the FDA, that would be making a drug claim. So we are calling it “KleenHandz” instead!

We’ve taken the ingredients of our MERCY Treatment Gel, a leave-on aloe-based gel, containing Lavender and Tea Tree oils in a precise dilution proven in the lab to kill MRSA bacteria. To that, we have added a generous portion of our Ravintsara, to keep the gel gentle enough for children. We’re packaging it in a 4 ounce cobalt bottle with a lotion pump, for ease of use, and a one-ounce purse-sized bottle to carry with you. We recommend applying (like hand cream) two or three times a day.

The gel absorbs quickly, leaving the hands soft. The aroma is brisk and a trifle medicinal, with a lingering scent reminiscent of Eucalyptus (from the 1,8-cineole in the Ravintsara). I suspect inhaling it as I sit here typing is doing wonderful things for my immune system.






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  1. Carol from Missouri

    ( 1 Review )

    Carol from Missouri

    After the borage oil cleared up my eczema, I wanted something other than those alcohol based hand sanitizers. I decided to give this a shot. WOW! The staff at my doctor’s office even commented on how good it smelled.(I used a lot there after handling things!) Even when I had a small outbreak of eczema on one hand, it did not burn like those commercial ones. I swear it even helped clear it up. I don’t go anywhere without it!

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