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Dashboard diffuser plugs into a cigarette lighter or cellphone charger.

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This handy little dashboard diffuser plugs into a cigarette lighter or cell phone charger and gently warms the oil or blend dropped onto it. Ideal way to both freshen the car, and keep the driver alert and focused. Five cellulose pads allow for easy change of scents.

We are often ask to suggest blends or oils for use in the car. Our favorites are Fresh Aire for keeping moods uplifted and keeping the car itself clean and fresh-smelling; Focus to increase mental alertness, and Fog Cutter for energizing.

We recommend the use of single oils that are mood elevating without being too relaxing, thus we avoid Lavender, the Chamomiles, etc, because we don’t want the driver falling asleep. The various Mint oils are stimulating, and helpful for car sickness. The Conifers can relieve stress without putting the driver to sleep. Bergamot, Lemon, and clementine would be good choices among the citrus oils.


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