Fog Cutter


  • Our most physically energizing blend
  • Best diffused or worn in a piece of jewelry
  • Add to morning shower!
  • Fresh clear citrus aroma
  • Ages 12 and up (but do little ones NEED more energy?

Product Information

Designed for the diffusers or lamp, this synergy of sparkling Grapefruit with a coniferous base of Cypress seems to clear the mental fog and energize me to get up and moving, even to tackle the work that I’ve procrastinated on for weeks. Our most energizing blend! (One client calls it her Superwoman blend.)

Also marvelous in a hanging clay pot or car diffuser to keep the driver awake and alert. Available as synergy only, because I don’t recommend this blend for direct use on the skin, although some clients rave about it for a detoxing bath or shower.



1.1 oz


1.5 × 1.5 × 3 in


Synergy, 5 ml with Inhaler, 5 ml


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