Ammi Visnaga


Ammi visnaga, (Khella oil), wildcrafted, steam-distilled from the seeds of the khella plant, Morocco.
• Asthma
• Respiratory
• Anti-allergenic
• Photosensitizer
• Avoid if taking blood thinners


Product Information

Ammi Visnaga Oil is a powerful bronchial antispasmodic which can lead to freedom from allergic bronchial asthma. All my sources indicate, when inhaled, it can be a powerful weapon against asthma, especially bronchial asthma. Any essential oil can trigger an asthma attack, more or less at random. Among those who suffer from this disease, however, Amni Visnaga Essential Oil appears to actually ease the attack away, by both relaxing the bronchial spasms and by dilating the bronchia. For this reason, inhalation could prove helpful for both asthma and bronchitis.

Ammi Visnaga has been shown to decrease allergenic responses by stabilizing the mast cell membrane, and preventing histamine release. It is the botanical source for the drugs Intal and Nasal Chrom.

Ammi is the most unpleasant smelling essential oil I have ever encountered; it’s only fair to tell you that right up front. It’s not an oil you will buy for the pleasure of its aroma. I’ve seen Litsea Cubeba (May Ching) recommended for treatment of asthma often, and never understood why. It is not a strong antispasmodic but some sources say it is a bronchial dilator. However, the one REAL reason to use both is that the lemony scent of Litsea, blended with Ammi, makes a much pleasanter smelling blend than I ever would have guessed. The combination is a “must try” for any asthma sufferer.

WARNINGS: Ammi Visnaga is not an essential oil to be used lightly. It is a strong photosensitizer and should be avoided if you are taking blood thinning medications. At low/normal doses it appears nontoxic, however in large doses and with prolonged regular use it can be a hepatoxin.

**For other possible oils to avoid, please see our essential oil Contraindications page.

GC/MS Analysis:
Batch No. MO-B035015
Batch No. MO-B035018
Batch No. MO-B035020
Batch No. MO-59101

BLENDS WITH: Lemongrass, Melissa, Lemon, Grapefruit.







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