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October Special Sales

Because once again we will be represented at this year’s NAHA conference, we are putting the CO2 extracts and our Italian collection from Marco Valussi on special as our featured products for October. (And if you, too, are attending the Conference, please come by our booth and visit a bit. I would love to meet you!)

Save 10% on retail sizes of all of our CO2 extracts, lipids, aromatics, and herbal extracts. Save on our Italian collection, including rare Cypress Fruit Oil, an unusual Italian Helichrysum, a very unusual Lavandin (we are blending with this one!), a delightful Oregano, Dwarf Pine (Mugo pine—so different from our other conifers), Norway Spruce (deeper and longer lasting than our other conifers; Jim’s favorite!), and an amazingly sweet translucent pale blue Yarrow, like none we have ever experienced. Remember, we brought in each oil of this collection because one of us fell in love with it and insisted that we had to make it available. We will be bringing some to NAHA at the end of this month, where Marco is presenting.

New and Back In Stock Products

A new distillation of Santalum album, our Sandalwood Tamil 2018. We had two samples—one was very nice, and with age will be a lovely Sandalwood. Then, there was this beautiful specimen. We loved it and knew we had to offer it to you.

Back in stock and long awaited: Rose MarocRosa centifolia absolute, from Morocco.

From Australia, a new distillation of Lemon Myrtle. Which means we could also restock our Germ Beater Spice, and are reformulating and restocking our traditional Germ Beater.

From France, what may be the prettiest Melissa essential oil I have ever experienced. Also from France, a *tiny* restock of wild crafted Thyme Linalol and Organic Thyme Thujanol —very scarce since the weather this Spring killed the crops.

From Spain, a shipment of organically produced Thyme Linalool – Spain from a new supplier my French mentor found. Just went online today!

From Bulgaria, we were finally able to restock our subtle Lilac CO2 and Linden Blossom CO2s.We have finally found a source for glass 5 ml jars, and are planning on offering the undiluted Lilac CO2 once we have jars to package them in. (Yes, it’s that solid—we can’t bottle it.)

Back in stock, our popular White Camellia Oil. (We have tried samples of this from other producers, to try to save you some money. They just were heavier and didn’t have the skin feel of our regular supplier. This one is worth waiting for!)

From our Fair Trade supplier in Africa, more Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, high in Omega 6; more Baobab oil with a balance of Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids; and new Ximenia oil, higher in Ximenic Acid than any other oil. (We have already had to restock this one!)

Now that the cooler weather is here, (at least we hope so!) we are finally able to ship our Melissa-Calendula Lip Balm, our Baby Bottom Balm, and Shea Cream and Best Foot Forward, so Michelle has been busy whipping up fresh batches.

Blog Updates

Lots of personal things this last month, because Nature’s Gift went though a lot of personnel and personal changes.

First, Rachel, our new administrative assistant greeted us.

The first of a series of info posts: Aromatherapy and the Emotions.

On September 11th, an In Memoriam post. Blends for grief and grieving.

A discussion of anti-fungal essential oils.

Christi bids us all farewell, after fourteen years. (Grab a tissue!)

Another personal post – a plea for help.

Information – Aromatic Skincare

It has been a busy month!

Facebook Snippets

Facebook is always the first place we announce new products, or new arrivals. This month there were a lot of videos, introducing Rachel, the staff saying goodbye to Christi, a beautiful surprise delivery, all captured on video by Rachel. (I think we can expect to see a lot more Facebook Live videos…she’s good at that!)

Lots of talk about the upcoming NAHA conference at the end of this month. My mentor Madeleine Kerkhof will be presenting during the conference and presenting a post conference workshop. Come see both of us!

Another trailer for the Uncommon Scents movie. It was an honor to be able to contribute to this important piece of work.

A free introductory course that comes very highly recommended. I signed up.

Article about using essential oils to enhance nursing practice and self care.

Quora Q&A: What are the best essential oils to help arthritis ?

A blog from the West Coast Inst. of Aromatherapy about creating Body Scrubs for all skin types.

Our Clients Say

Lisa R. wrote, regarding Cleo’s Serum: “Please don’t ever stop making this skin serum, it’s a staple in my skincare routine (morning and night). It is a great extra boost of moisture that my aging skin really benefits from. Thank you!” (and of course we asked for permission to quote!)

More about our Cleopatra’s Secret line.. a client from Norway orders a year’s supply on her annual visit…“I wont be back until next year so I just had to order enough for a year. After using the products for 2 days I just love how my skin feels. Thank you.”

Visitor Carol from Missouri wrote about our Borage Seed CO2 Extract: “I read on this site that different oils work for different people who suffer with eczema. However, since you receive samples of oils with every order, I was lucky to get a Borage oil one. It was amazing! I’ve had eczema for 50 years and tried every prescription ointment on the market. Coconut oil worked for a while, but stopped being effective. This oil is my new ‘go-to’ now.”

Reunité: Judy G. touched all of our hearts when she wrote: “To the entire Nature’s Gift crew, but particularly to Marge,

“I would like to share this with you. We live in Calgary, Alberta. My daughter and her husband planned a trip to Hawaii with my three grandchildren for their first family vacation. Ever. Much excitement; however my daughter suffers severe anxiety and panic while flying. It is 7 hours from Alberta to Maui. She was valiant in her efforts to keep her fear from her children 9, 7 and 3 but it was affecting her anticipation.

“So, as any mother would, I went to work investigating oils that would ease her anxiety and fear. Having built a solid trust of Nature’s Gift through my own use of your single oils, hydrosols and blends, you were my first stop – this was beyond my experience and so very, very important. I came across Reunite. In the description were these words ‘This is my personal blend that I wear during situations that are apt to induce anxiety or panic attacks’. Exactly! I ordered the skin safe anointing oil, printed the description, wrapped it around the bottle and gave it to her as soon as it arrived earlier this week.

“I just now received a text from my daughter, they must have still been at the airport. She said: ‘I’ll send more info later – but we are here and that oil you gave me saved my Life – what an amazing difference! Anxiety and fear almost gone. Thank you-love you- thanks for your oils.’ Her message might have brought a tear to my eye. Thank you Nature’s Gift for helping me give the gift of an anxiety-free flight to my daughter.”

NOTE to all: This is why we LOVE what we do!!!!

My friend Lauren, founder of The Aromapologist shares this blend for “brain fog” 2 parts each Eucalyptus Dives (Peppermint Eucalyptus), Rosalina, Copaiba Balsam, and Lemon. She writes, “This is one of my favorite combinations when I need to help fighting brain fog. You get the fresh, herbaceous, and minty combo of the Rosalina and Peppermint Eucalyptus (E. dives ct piperitone) coupled with lemon’s bright notes and copaiba’s balsamic, woody tones. Helps me immensely when I need to keep powering through my day.” (I highly recommend The Aromapologist. Good, reliable information from a very well trained aromatherapist.)

Quote of the Month

“There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir: We must rise and follow her, When from every hill of flame She calls, and calls each vagabond by name.”
—William Bliss

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