Two Choices:

  • Discount code trick – 20% off Essential Oils, Absolutes, and CO2s. Retail sized only.
  • Discount code treat – 15% off everything including bulks, kits, samplers. (Basically everything except books.)

Please, only one discount per order. Due to the sheer volume of orders during a sale, we are unable to combine orders or to make any changes to orders; the order you submit will be the order you receive. (Unless, of course, we run out of something.)

A reminder: our server is on Central time, the sale ends at midnight in middle Tennessee. Those who wait ’til the last minute may be turned into pumpkins.

Happy Halloween from all the little ghosts and goblins at Nature’s Gift.

A Big Announcement

You all know that when Christi left us, I lost our only other trained aromatherapist. I have been seeking someone knowledgeable whose guidance and answers I trust, both to answer your questions, to recommend products when asked, and to discuss questions whose answers elude me.

I am *delighted* to announce that two well known and well respected Aromatherapists have joined Nature’s Gift remote staff.

Please welcome Sue Pace and Christina Smith. Many of you know them from their online presences, from their work moderating the forums for Robert Tisserand, and their moderating the Essential Learning Group, among other groups, as well as their research and writing for Aroma Bridge.

They will be answering inquiries directed to, and I will be referring a lot of the inquiries I receive to them.

We are SO glad they have joined us!!!!

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