Shea Creme

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  • Butyrospermum parkii
  • Creamed organic shea butter.
  • Fair Trade
  • Safe for all ages.

Product Information

This is pure traditional unrefined Shea Butter, from a village in Ghana, imported by a certified organic supplier, whipped to a soft cream. Light, creamy… we have all fallen in love. Now, everyone knows all the skin care benefits of Shea Butter. But it can be hard. I don’t LIKE having to rub things into my delicate skin. Our creamed Shea literally melts into my skin. It’s hard to keep everyone here from the samples.

This is unscented whipped Shea Butter. Because it is so light your favorite essential oil or blend can easily be stirred into it. Contains a touch of Vitamin E to preserve freshness.

As with all of our butters, since there is no added anti-oxidant, please only purchase what you will use within the next year, and store it under cool and dark conditions.






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  1. Judy from Texas

    ( 1 Review )

    Judy from Texas

    I bought this for dry skin on my hands in summer from gardening, but I find that it is great any time of the year. It’s helpful just as it is, so I have not tried to add anything to it. It has become a staple in my house.

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