Siam Wood


Fokienia hodginsii (Dunn), (syn.cupressus hodginsii Dunn), organically produced, steam-distilled from wood and roots, from Vietnam
•Rich in sesquiterpenols
•sweet, creamy powdery aroma
•May be calming and a mild sedative
•Said to be helpful for adrenal fatigue


Product Information

This lovely gentle oil is distilled from trees that resemble Cedars but are in a different family. The trees must mature to a height 100 feet before being harvested.

The oil is rare and valuable, and suggested as a substitute for Sandalwood (although the aroma is different). The wood has traditionally been used for jewelry boxes and for caskets, both because of its insecticide effect and because the Vietnamese belief was that Siam Wood brings eternal life. It is used in many parts of Southeast Asia as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory for pain relief, and as a component of a massage blend to reduce muscle and skin inflammation.

I have seen mentions and/or claims that the essential oil is helpful for both adrenal fatigue and low testosteron, but have been unable to find any research to support this. My “go-to” for adrenal fatigue has always been Black Spruce Oil. I may try blending these two, or alternating them.

When diffused, the high level of Nerolidol may make it an effective insect repellant. (Thinking of our Nerolina, and contemplating adding a bit of Siam Wood to our NoNitz blend.)

We bought it knowing nothing about its historical uses or properties. We bought it because I fell in love with it. Sweet, gentle, almost powdery in aroma–it delighted me!

When measuring it in, Jim wrote, “I find it particularly interesting that the Siam Wood appears to be three different colors depending on volume, varying from a darker red to an almost clear yellow.” We have never seen an essential oil with this rosy red color before.

Burfield describes the wood aroma as fruity, with a pineapple top note, and says that the drydown is powerful, woody, with a mandarin fruity aspect.

I sent an advance sample to a friend who does a much better job describing the oils than I can. He wrote, “Imagine yourself standing in a forest just as the summer heat starts to set in. The humidity is building, and trapping all the surrounding aromas to the forest floor. Elegant woods, and sweet resins anchor the fleeting greens and flowers. This is Siam Wood oil. This is a wood oil for someone who perhaps doesn’t like the stronger, deeper woods. It reminds me of a slightly spicy, less sweet rosewood blended with sandalwood and a touch of opponax. I work in retail, so standing in my feet for long hours is a daily given. I’m always looking for ways to relax when I have time off. After consulting my safety resources and finding that Siam Wood is pretty safe with no known toxicity or contraindications I had to experiment. Blended with lavender, and diluted in heavy cream it makes the perfect addition to an end of the day bath. The tension melts away from my feet and shoulders, and any worry I had seems irrelevant. If you work with essential oils metaphysically and spiritually you need this in your life. After meditating with Siam Wood I feel it offers a grounding hug for the heart. It clears worry and anxiety and gives me courage to take powerful, grounded steps when walking through life especially in areas where I must do it alone. Hold on to a piece of Smoky quartz or Rose quartz while using Siam Wood and you’ll be amazed at the places it can take you.” (A grounding hug for your heart… thank you for sharing your experiences with us all.!)

Safety: No known hazards.

Shelf Life: We are assuming 4 – 6 years after opening. Because of the chemistry I would not expect the decades that some wood oils give us.

GC/MS Batch # LA-58928
Batch #LA-58928
Batch #VE-59162







15 ml, 4 oz bulk, 8 oz bulk, 16 oz bulk, 32 oz bulk, 1 kg


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