The Beginnings of Summer

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  • May Flower Sale Continues
  • New and Back in Stock
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  • Stock up for Summer
  • Blog Updates
  • Paying Forward

  • May Flower Sale Continues:

    We’re continuing to offer some of our favorite floral oils at 10% savings. Save on exotic, fruity Osmanthus, Osmanthus 10% Dilution ; delicate Neroli and Neroli 10% ; Orange Blossom Absolute and Orange Blossom Absolute, 10% Dilution ; all three Jasmines (both full strength and in 10% dilution), lush and exotic Tuberose and Tuberose 10% ; the Organic Rose Otto and Organic Rose Otto 10% mentioned below; and our Russian Rose Absolute and Russian Rose Absolute, 10% (perhaps the best bargain of all the florals). Also included, while supplies last, our White Ginger Lily and White Ginger Lily, 10% from India. Again, while supplies last, Ylangylang Complete and Ylangylang Extra. We are restocking, but there have been delays, so if we run out, we apologize. We had hoped to have a new supply of pure Golden Champa in time for this sale, but our producer is being dilatory in shipping what we ordered. We do have our Golden Champa 10% available. As usual, bulk sizes, kits, and samplers aren’t included in this sale.

    NEW and Back in Stock:

    A new ITALIAN Helichrysum (yes, Helichrysum italicuum, organically produced on the island of Sardinia, off the coast of Italy (just a stones throw across the Mediterranean from Corsica). I was sourcing more of our healing Balkan Helichrysum and found this wonderful specimen, even higher in neryl acetate than its Macedonian predecessor, but, lower in the italidiones than our unique Corsican Oil , which we will reserve for surgical and burn scars. HOWEVER, this new oil from a new (to us!) producer is wonderfully effective for nerve and joint pain, bumps and bruises, all the healing uses of a fine Helichrysum italicuum. And, since it *does* contain italidiones (over 4%) I find myself asking what percentage of italidiones do we NEED for scar healing? I don’t think anyone knows. I have had some chemists tell me they have never seen an oil with over 6% italidiones. I don’t have the answer. Will this Italian specimen be as effective for scar healing as our Corsican oil? Too soon to tell. We hope to get feedback from those who try it. In the meantime, I am using this oil in my research project.

    Back in Stock:

  • Until it becomes too hot to ship… Melissa Calendula Lip Balm.
  • BLACK Inhaler Blanks are back in stock.
  • From our Indian supplier more Golden Champa Infused in Apricot Oil and more Blue Lotus Infused Jojoba.
  • Again, from our Indian producer, more Blue Lotus Absolute, more Jasmine Grandiflora and Jasmine Sambac.
  • A beautiful soft and sweet Indonesian Patchouli — so delightful we even put some in Rollons for your perfumery pleasure.

  • 20 on the 20th:

    May 20% on the 20th Anniversary Sale promo code will be Anniversary and the 20% discount will be on all essential oils in categories I-J and K-L.

    Stock up for Summer

    A warning that as spring flies by, we are unable to ship our Baby Bottom Balm (or our Happy Baby Gift Set or Best Baby Gift, both of which both contain our baby balm), Shea Souffle, or the Melissa Calendula Lip Balm in summer’s extreme heat. We don’t want you to receive soup in your mailbox! Please keep the weather forecast in mind when ordering, and stock up NOW for summertime needs. Speaking of which, now’s also the time to stock up on SkeeterBeater, After the Bite, and Sunburn Soother. We want you to have lots of fun in the sun!

    Blog Updates

    We haven’t had time to write much, and we’ve not been sharing the articles that did get posted…so, the last few blog articles, since last we listed them:

  • A conversation about Hydrosols.
  • A Whole Dog Journal article about controlling ticks.
  • Favorite Songs and Starfish — why we keep trying.
  • Frankincense and Cancer (the answer is no!)

  • Paying Forward

    Thanks to your generosity we were able to send 545.00 to the Save the Children Federation’s Nepal Relief effort. Thank you all for helping us make a different in the face of so much devastation.

    As always, thank you for allowing us to continue doing what we love, and we wish you joy on your aromatic journey.

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