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  • Special Sale for April and Part of May
  • New and Back in Stock
  • Save 20 on the 20th

  • Special Sale for April and Part of May:

    We’re anticipating a lot of May flowers from all these April showers, and offering some of our favorite floral oils at 10% savings. Save on exotic, fruity Osmanthus, Osmanthus 10% Dilution ; delicate Neroli and Neroli 10% ; Orange Blossom Absolute and Orange Blossom Absolute, 10% Dilution ; all three Jasmines (both full strength and in 10% dilution), lush and exotic Tuberose and Tuberose 10% ; the Organic Rose Otto and Organic Rose Otto 10% mentioned below; and our Russian Rose Absolute and Russian Rose Absolute, 10% (perhaps the best bargain of all the florals). Also included, while supplies last, our White Ginger Lily and White Ginger Lily, 10% from India. Again, while supplies last, Ylangylang Complete and Ylangylang Extra. We are restocking, but there have been delays, so if we run out, we apologize. We had hoped to have a new supply of pure Golden Champa in time for this sale, but our producer is being dilatory in shipping what we ordered. We do have our Golden Champa 10% available.

    Mother’s Day is coming! Many mother’s favorite gift — Bliss Bath! Save 10% on all our various “flavors” of Bliss Bath.

    As usual, bulk sizes, kits, and samplers aren’t included in this sale.

    NEW and Back in Stock:

    A LOT of back in stock products: two Frankincense oils, our Organic, from Somalia, and our CO2 Extracted Boswellia carterii, (my favorite for aromatic and emotional uses). The arrival of the two Frankincense oils let us put our Frankincense Sampler back online, as well. We’ve restocked our “sweet as candy” Midwestern Peppermint and brought in more English and German Chamomiles from our British producer. We’ve also restocked our organic Bulgarian Rose Otto — the benchmark of what a true, traditional rose oil should be.

    A brand new Sandalwood, higher in santalol than our 2014 Sandalwood Tamil. Another Santalum album, from Tamil Nadu, India. Also a 2014 distillation, but I think this oil contains a greater proportion of heartwood.

    A brand new Biodynamic Bergamot. Biodynamic agriculture is the most holistic form of farming, with the greatest respect for the earth and its bounty. Not only is this cold pressed Bergamot oil aromatically beautiful, but it is one of the most energetically powerful citrus oils I’ve experienced in a long time.

    20 on the 20th:

    We thought we would offer our anniversary savings on some of our blends and synergies this month. In keeping with Mother’s Day preparation we are including in our Anniversary Sale our “ Natural Perfumery ” group of products, our “ For Women Only ” blends and products, our “ Cleopatra’s Secret ” products (the most popular skincare products we have EVER offered).

    And, because we Mom’s are emotional creatures, our blends and synergies for Emotional Well-Being. Just a suggestion… I wouldn’t necessarily suggest buying your mom or your wife our Moondays or La Rosa synergies for Mothers Day unless she has already asked for them! On Monday, April 20th, use the discount code 20Years and save 20% on all the products in the above categories.

    As usual, bulk sizes, kits, and samplers aren’t included in this sale.

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