Mailing deadlines if you want it there by Christmas (according to the USPS):

Last day for International Express Shipping to Europe, Australia/New Zealand/Asia and the Pacific Rim: Saturday Dec. 15th
Last day to ship via Express Mail to Military addresses: Monday, December 17th
Last day for International Express Shipping to Canada: Monday, December 17th
Last day for domestic Priority Mail Friday December 21st
Last day for domestic Express Mail, Saturday December 22nd.
So, if you place your order Thursday evening, December 20th, we will ship it on the 21st and the Postal Service says it will arrive in time for Christmas.

Specials and Gifts (while we are waiting for Christmas and New Year)

1. Grab Bag:
We found a LOT of “strange” things while trying to get ready for inventory. Things that shouldn’t be here. Haitian Vetiver 10%’s…in 5 ml bottles; Labdanum 10% 5 mls; a half full bottle of OOS Organic Eucalyptus; 2 mls of High Myrcene Lemongrass…oddities. Pumice Stones, Foot brushes, soap dishes, Loofa sponges, all gifts from a supplier. Samples of oils from distillers that we went on to buy. But they are not in our bottles. Oddities. Place an order. Write GRAB BAG in the comments section. (not a promo code… a COMMENT.) We’ll send you one. Something. A surprise. It’s a grab bag, no telling what we’ll gift you with. You may be delighted. (Or not, sorry!)

2. Pinterest Contest:
Are you on Pinterest? If so, you might notice that a lot of our products have pin in badges beside them. We are keeping track of who is pinning what product. (Under the category of things I love we hope!) Every couple of days someone who has pinned products of ours will receive *either* the product they pinned, or a 5 Nature’s Gift Gift Certificate to apply towards the purchase of the pinned treasure. We started this on Facebook a few days ago and are really enjoying seeing what our clients are pinning. If you’d want to share the Pinterest contest with your friends we’d appreciate it.

3. 12 Days of Christmas Gifts:
Our old friends are aware of this, but our newer friends may not be. Every day from December 25th through January 5th, one lucky customer each day will receive a 12 days gift. No telling what the gift will be. In past years we’ve given books, inhalers, an Aromastone, Aromatherapy Jewelry, car diffusers, Essential oils or blends, personal perfumes, free shipping… all sorts of goodies. Each days winner will be selected from the orders placed that day; if you don’t order, you can’t win. (Hint, to improve the odds…Christmas Day itself always has the smallest number of orders.)


Nature’s Gift will be shipping orders on Friday, December 21, then close for holidays and inventory until Wednesday, January 2rd. We will be here, doing inventory on Wednesday, December 26, through Friday. December 28th, then closed again until next year!

IF there is a medical emergency that simply can not wait, we may be able to ship an EXPRESS emergency order during the inventory period. But only in case of extreme emergency. So, please, plan ahead. You might email us to discuss it.

Happy Holidays! A Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Yule, Joyous Kwanzaa and the merriest of Christmas wishes to all of you, from all of us at Nature’s Gift.

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