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    We have a broad selection of new and back in stock oils and CO2 extracts for your aromatic journey:

    Back in Stock: Lavandin Super, our go-to for relaxation. Organic from France, but a different producer than normal. (Our normal distiller sold out of his unusually small 2014 distillation.)

    NEW: Two new thyme specimens, Thyme Borneol and Thyme Thymol (the most powerful of all thyme varieties). Also wildcrafted
    Monarda from France,
    Turmeric (amazing anti-inflammatory) and, from our favorite CO2 producer two new extracts for your skincare concoctions:
    Seed Oil
    Seed Oil
    . We have been using and enjoying these immensely.


    Don’t let sunburn or “bugbites” interfere with your summer plans. Save
    10% on our Skeeter Beater Gel
    Body Oil, our
    Sunburn Soother
    (helpful for sunburns or any other kind of burns) and, in case you forget the SkeeterBeater…try our soothing, ready to use
    After The Bite blend. And, lest we forget, celebrate the Summer Solstice—midsummer’s day, the longest day and shortest night of the the year, with our Summer Sunshine Synergy, at 10% savings, of course.

    FOR HIM — Father’s Day Sale

    Father’s Day is June 21st, enjoy some of our favorite “masculine” oils at 10%
    savings for gifting. Retail sizes of all of our
    Sandalwood Oils, both Cedarwoods, our Tobacco Absolute (and Tobacco Absolute, 10% Dilution ), both Vetivers, Bay
    , West Indies Bay, and Lime (a wonderful scent blend for masculine
    products…(blend to taste, there’s no specific rule or formula).


    With springtime supposedly here, we know the warmth of summer won’t be far behind. Some of our products, most specifically the
    Shea Souffle, Baby Bottom Balm, and Best Foot Forward will not ship in southern heat. (We don’t want you to receive
    Shea Soup, after all!) We will NOT be making more of either product, and have a VERY limited supply left in stock. If you want it, order immediately.

    Save 20% on the 20th

    This month help us celebrate our 20th anniversary online by saving 20% on ALL
    of our Aromatherapy
    : Diffusers,

    Bottles and Jars
    Bags and
    Carrying Cases

    Aromatherapy Jewelry
    , Blending Accessories, and Spa Accessories. Just use the discount code June-20 at checkout and see your savings onscreen.

    Formulas and Blends

    From a newsletter six years ago:

    Years ago on several toiletries lists, there was a perfumer named Kat… this is one of her “Bay Rum” blends…would be great for an aftershave!

    A Simple Scent Mixture:
    5 parts bay laurel (pimenta racemosa) e.o.
    1 part orange e.o.
    1 part clove

    A simple cologne using the above scent blend:
    6 oz. vodka
    1-2 oz. dark rum
    1 tsp. glycerine (acts as a fixative for the scent)
    approx. 1 tsp. scent blend

    And Other Masculine Scent Blends,
    again, courtesy of Kat:

    4 parts cedarwood e.o.
    4 parts patchouli e.o.
    1 part jasmine absolute
    1 part neroli e.o.

    Spicy Men’s Blend
    2 parts bergamot FCF e.o.
    1 part cedarwood e.o.
    1 part juniper e.o.
    1 part patchouli e.o.
    1 part distilled lime e.o.
    1 part clove e.o.

    5 drops sandalwood essential oil
    2 drops frankincense essential oil
    1-2 drops patchouli essential oil
    1 drops clove essential oil

    3 drops labdanum (cistus) e.o.
    3 drops benzoin absolute
    1 drop sandalwood e.o.
    1 drop clary sage e.o.

    15 drops sandalwood e.o.
    10 drops patchouli e.o.
    3 drops rose e.o
    2 drops vetiver e.o.

    2 parts frankincense e.o.
    2 parts myrrh e.o.
    1 part sandalwood e.o.
    1 part vanilla CO2

    4 drops bay e.o.
    2 drops orange e.o.
    1 drop patchouli e.o.

    3 drops lime e.o.
    1-2 drops patchouli e.o.
    1 drop clove e.o.

    4 drops cedarwood e.o.
    2 drops patchouli e.o.
    1 drop lime e.o.
    1 drop clove e.o.

    1 part juniper berry e.o.
    1 part pine needle e.o.
    1 part rosemary e.o.

    3 drops rosemary e.o.
    2 drops bay e.o.
    1 drop clove e.o.

    3 drops lavender e.o.
    2 drops bergamot e.o.
    1 drop clove e.o

    Hungary Water
    3 drops rosemary e.o.
    1 drop mint e.o.
    2 drops lemon e.o.

    Eau de Cologne
    3 drops lavender e.o.
    2 drops rosemary e.o.
    1-2 drops lemon, bergamot or orange e.o.

    Any of these, dissolved in alcohol, with witch hazel hydrosol added, would make a wonderful aftershave splash or cologne.

    For Him — an Aftershave Gel
    (I didn’t save the source…sorry!)

    1/2 cup aloe vera gel
    2 tablespoons vodka
    1 tablespoon Neroli Hydrosol (or hydrosol of your choice)
    2 teaspoons witch-hazel
    10 drops sandalwood oil

    Tan Enhancer:

    Tanning Blend (NOT a Sun screen!) If you insist on risking sun damage, this blend will hasten a tan and provide antioxidant protection, but will not protect you from a burn.

    20 drops Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2 (for antioxidant and sun protection, vitamin A and C)
    10 drops Carrot Seed (for vitamin A and a small amount of sun protection)
    5 drops Lavender (for healing)
    1 oz. Jojoba OR Red Raspberry Seed Oil (Many sources say that Jojoba has a slight SPF value, perhaps SPF 3. Red Raspberry Seed Oil is said to have the highest sun protection level of any fixed oil.)

    For extra protection, blend the oils with a higher SPF commercial sun screen product.

    Charity of the Quarter

    We continue to support Midwives on Missions of Service. Trish Ross and Christi McManus and their team preparing for another trip Sierra Leone as I type. This quarter we are doing something differently. Because our offer to match your donations for the Nepal disaster relief was so successful, rather than giving a set percentage of our sales, we are going to base our support for MOMS on YOUR support for them. That’s right. We will match every donation you make via our shopping cart.


    The perfume of sandalwood, the scent of rose & jasmine,
    travel only as far as the wind.
    But the fragrance of goodness travels
    with us through all the worlds.
    Like the garlands woven from a heap of flowers,
    fashion your life as a garland of beautiful deeds.
    —The Buddha

    Have a lovely June!

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