March has certainly come in like a lion! Warm thoughts for all those in the tornado stricken area, and for those suffering yet another arctic blast in the northern and western states.

We are so tired of winter. We are welcoming springtime with all the green leafy scents that say “SPRING” to us… not the lush florals… but the first hints of green after winter’s drabness.

This newsletter contains:

Save 10% on retail sizes of the following Harbingers of Spring

Rhododendron, Violet Leaf, Coriander (the sunshine spice!), Bergamot Mint (while this batch lasts), Balm Mint Bush, Beeswax Absolute, Galbanum (the “rites of spring” oil), Rosalina (light and delicate).

And for spring cleaning: Tea tree, Manuka, Geranium, Palma Rosa (Those last two don’t always get enough attention as anti-bacterials — they’re the unsung heroes in the ongoing fight against germs).

For winter-weary skin — lovely lipids!

Save 10% on all of our carrier oils, infused oils, and butters. (Yes, this sale does include the CO2 lipids, but not the other CO2s. Use these links for the sale products).

When the seasons change from Winter’s dry cold to Summer’s hot mugginess, I like to switch to lighter oils for moisturizing and cleansing. Perhaps you do, too? This is your time to stock up.

New Product

Agarwood from Indonesia (Most is already sold, it will not last long.)

Back in Stock

Blog Updates

Which Vetiver ?” Our guest blogger Charlie Banks (who has an almost magical gift for describing aromas) describes his personal reaction to the four Vetiver specimens we make available to you.

7 Things You Must Give to Others if you Want to Achieve Success ” This article reverberated with me, perhaps it will with you, as well.

Facebook Snippets

A New Partnership: We are thrilled to announce we are partnering with Liz Fulcher of Aromatic Wisdom Institute to bring aromatherapy students the very best in Essential oils, hydrosols, CO2s and much more Liz and I have been friends and colleagues forever and a day, and we are delighted to be supplying her students!

Embarrassment! Last week someone sent us two boxes of amazingly good white chocolate/Cranberry fudge. Oh yum…yes! They even included a special cutter/pastry scraper. What a lovely gift. The problem is… While I was in the break room cutting the fudge…someone took out the trash, picking up what they thought was an empty box…which contained the note. I have NO CLUE who sent this yummy gift. I’m mortified.

Article about Manuka and Kanuka as anti-microbials. We don’t import Kanuka, the smell just overwhelms me. But we choose Manuka in many of our antibacterial blends. So much gentler than Tea Tree, and possibly more effective.

I was asked to do a “ Straight Talk about Sourcing “. Check it out on our YouTube channel.

Are Lavender and Tea Tree Estrogenic ? Salvatore Battaglia wades into the debate.

Essential Oils in Hospitals? A wonderful article by our own Sue Pace, for the Tisserand Institute.

And another article by Sue, Addicted from Birth.

Aromatic Quote of the Month (from our March 2009 newsletter)

“Distillation is the art of extracing the Spirituall.” The Art of Distillation by John French 1651

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