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Tired of winter yet? We are, so we’re putting our citrus smile bringers on sale for the month of February. Save 10% on all of our Citrus oils, including our Citrus Smile synergy.

Some of the young ones remind me that Valentine’s Day is happening…so we’re having a sale on all of our Roses and Sandalwoods (because the most romantic massage oil of all is a blend of the two). Yes…save 10% on all of our rose oils, full strength and diluted, and our full strength Sandalwood oils, dilutions, and, oh yes, our Bouquet of Roses and our Sandalwood Samplers. Enjoy!

Also, have you tried our Decadence Kit ? Dilutions of Coffee CO2, Cocoa CO2, Tobacco Absolute, and Cognac essential oil. If that doesn’t sound romantic, I am not sure what does. Yes, of course it’s on sale too.

A reminder: the February sales apply to retail sizes only (mls, not fluid ounces).

Valentine’s Day Sale

On Valentine’s Day only – Save 14% on ALL retail sized essential oils, absolutes and CO2 extracts. At checkout, enter the promotional code “romance” (without the quotes!) in the box marked “Discount Code” and press Apply. You will see your discount reflected on screen.

New Products
(be still my beating heart!)

A magnificent vetiver from Indonesia that simply must be experienced to appreciate it.

The Aromatherapy Insight Cards…from Jennifer Jefferies, The Wise Woman of Australia. We were asked to import these and are proud to offer them.

New kit: Our Care Package for pain relief. Five ml bottles of our favorite pain relieving massage blends, ready to use. Sample them all to see which is most effective for you, and then come back and order full sizes of your favorites.

New Artisan Produced Lemon Oil from Italy, one of Marco Valuzzi’s collection. Grown chemical free, cold pressed. Delightful.

Back in Stock Products

We were unable to offer our Winter Sunshine (designed to counteract “the winter doldrums”) during the holiday season. We finally were able to procure the “missing ingredient” and are elated to offer it for those missing some Winter Sunshine…Enjoy!

Rosacea Treatment Gel and Cleanser and, of course, the undiluted Rosacea Synergy, again, out of stock for a long time until we were able to source the proper ingredients.

Cajeput, Guava Leaf and distilled Lime from Thailand, all grown chemical free, but not certified organic.

More of our lovely organically produced Lavender Mailette from France.

Our beloved Bouquet of Jasmine (10% dilutions of three different Indian Jasmine absolutes), ideal for wear as perfume.

Thyme Thujanol — we could only source a tiny bit of this gentle germ killer, so if it’s on your wishlist, order now.

(As we restock, new arrivals are being added daily. Check our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to see them.)

Blog Updates

Canary in the Coal Mine: an update on the state of Australian harvesting.

Beating the Winter Blues: guest blog by Christina Smith.

Facebook Snippets

During the next few days we will be posting some Valentine’s formulas and recipes from years past on our Facebook page, so you might want to check there for inspiration.

Why we test essential oils: a YouTube video from Alexis St-Gelais at Phytochemia, one of the two North American labs we use and trust. (The other is Essential Validation Services.)

The Healing Power of Herbs , Tina Sams’ newest book is released.

The Tisserand Institute printed a research study re the use of diluted Lavender Oil for osteoarthritis in the knee.

Nyssa Hanger shares some of our shared history in “ Leaving the Nest.”

Registration is now open for the 2019 AIA Conference, in Minneapolis, Sept. 26 – 29. We’ll be there, will you?

Quora? What’s Quora ? It’s a place where anyone can ask questions, and anyone can answer them. You may follow me here, and see my answers (or ask me a question, as well). Some questions and answers get crossposted to Facebook or our Twitter feed.

If you missed Elizabeth Ashley’s International Summit, I am able to share a link to my talk.

Quote of the day, from Roberta: “So I was out in the warehouse, pouring Valerian…” All good stories start that way.

From the Tisserand Institute: A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils Part 1: Extraction

A listing of our 12 Days of Christmas winners:

  • Kathleen B fom Washington: Set of 3 AromaPod hanging diffusers
  • Mary M from Indiana: Aromatherapy Jewelry
  • Andrea L from Alabama: Essential Oil Carrying Case
  • Nancy S from Missouri: Best Foot Forward cream and spa booties
  • Mary Jo B. fromTexas: Bulgarian Rose holder with one ml of Rose Absolute
  • Charlie B from Florida: samples of precious Agarwood
  • Claudia M from California: Rose Bliss Bath
  • Linda S from Oregon: Frankincense resin and infused oil
  • Phyllis G from Illinois: a deluxe pocket inhaler, to hold her favorite oil or blend.
  • Maureen H from Massachusetts: a Bouquet of Jasmine
  • Kay K from Texas: a signed copy of my book, Essential Oils and Aromatics
  • Deborah F from Louisiana: some Sandalwood Tamil 2002 from my personal stash.

Thank you all for shopping during our “down time” as we closed for the holidays and for inventory.


Did you know that Nature’s Gift has just started a YouTube Channel ? Please follow us to see new videos from our crew and our travels.

Aromatic Quote of the Month

“But February made me shiver, with every paper I’d deliver. Bad news on the doorstep; I couldn’t take one more step.” Don McLean.

and, for the romantics among us:

Love means the warmth of the sun,
the aroma of a rose,
the breeze of the sea,
but as you can see
it never means the same for anyone.
Love acquires its true meaning
by experiencing it for the first time
because only then can you define it.
–Nestor Gallardo

“Surely as cometh the Winter, I know
There are Spring violets under the snow.”
–R. H. Newell

Have a lovely 28 days, everyone!

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