Spring is here in Middle TN. We survived the wild March storms, the daffodils are blooming and whenever I step outside I hear birdsong. In honor of “April Showers” we are putting our entire collection of Hydrosols/hydrolats on special sale this month, including some wondrous new additions!

This newsletter contains:

Save 10% on retail sizes of our Full Collection of Hydrosols. (1 and 4 fl oz atomizers.)

You may see the full collection here.

AND… The Kindle edition of my book “Essential Waters” is on sale this month, as well.

New Products

My very favorite Lavender, Avice Hill, from an organic grower/distiller in the US, at a tremendous savings compared to our last tiny batch. (Hint, I bought all she had!) We have not had time to test this batch for you, but past experience shows that Avice Hill is higher in esters (hence more relaxing) than any Lavender we offer. Aromatically? I adore it. It smells a bit spicy, not the familiar lavender aroma, fresh, a bit earthy, a sheer delight. A complex perfume in and of itself, and for a “go to sleep” oil, other than Roman or Cape Chamomile, nothing is more relaxing. ENJOY while it lasts! (If you buy it all, she will plant extra for us next summer… just a subtle hint.) Of course a GC of this new batch is in process, but we flat did not want to wait to make it available to you.

An amazing distilled Ginger Oil from my friend Marco Valuzzi. This one is so extraordinary it’s in our Private Reserve collection. (We only have a little, one of my Chinese wholesale clients bought almost all, so you don’t want to delay.)

A delightful, sparkling Lemongrass, Cymbopogen flexuosos, from Guatemala.

New Hydrosols

Back in Stock

On the Road Again

Two different sets of travel plans:

CO2 Extracts in Clinical Aromatherapy

Taught by the inimitable Madeleine Kerkhof. Three days of intensive, hands-on education. Early Bird Rate 00 if paid by April 15. First time offered in the US: (The two other courses were held in the Netherlands) Celebrate the 4th of July in Washington, DC., and then study CO2 Extracts in Aromatherapy with Madeleine from the 5th–the 7th. Details and registration here: http://www.ingasessentials.org/education/. Sign up now for the early bird discount. (I was the first to sign up!)

AIA International Conference

Sept. 26–29th, DoubleTree by Hilton, Minneapolis–Park Place. Information, reservations, hotel information here.

Yes, of course Nature’s Gift will be there. We haven’t decided what products we should bring to share, yet, but we will be there, and look forward to seeing you! (The keynote speaker is my mentor Dr. Jane Buckle, founder of the R. J. Buckle Institute and author of…well lots of books about Clinical Aromatherapy.) I’m excited, it’s been four years? since I’ve seen her!

Liz Says

Liz Fulcher

I hope you all remember we are partnering with Liz Fulcher, of the Aromatic Wisdom Institute. When she heard our featured products this month were our hydrosols, she suggested the following links.

Podcast Episodes

AWP 015: Five Ways to Use Hydrosols for Allergy Relief

Blog Posts

We love being able to share content from such a gifted teacher!

Blog Articles

If all this talk about hydrosols confuses you, Ann Harman, master distiller and author of From Harvest to Hydrosol was kind enough to address the issue as a guest blogger.

7 Things You Must Give to Others if you Want to Achieve Success ” This article reverberated with me, perhaps it will with you, as well.

And a bit of sarcasm in a blog about “ Floral Waters.”

Our Clients Say

Randy and his wife posted a “Shopper Approved” review that just blew me away. We are all so grateful to be able to make a difference for people with what we do. Read the full review here. When I wrote to ask if I could share the review, they wrote back,

“Hi Marge, You are very welcome for the review. Yes, of course you may use the review. It is ‘yours’ after all.

“The sleep blends are working beautifully. As are the pain blends. We immediately ordered the 4 oz. size if the FLAMEout a few days later. Randy used the “That’s Better” for his sciatic pain, for his breakthrough pain that first night. It knocked it out in no time. That was a serious success for him. Nothing has touched the pain like your blends have. We are both getting some much needed sleep now. When he hurts, I hurt. When he can’t sleep, I can’t sleep. I have to say, this has been a long time coming.

“Thank you so much, once again. You are our earth angel.”

Aromatic Quote of the Month

Rise and put on your foliage, and be seen
To come forth, like the springtime, fresh and green.

–from “Corinna’s Going a-Maying” by Robert Herrick (1591—1674)

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